Tue February 11 12:39 pm 2020 in category Articles

Jaana Klinga appointed as Nokian Tyres’ new General Counsel

Jaana Klinga has been appointed as Nokian Tyres’ new General Counsel starting February 26, 2020.  

“It is great to join the Nokian Tyres team! Working in a company that can be proud of its products and people has always meant a lot to me, and Nokian Tyres is truly such a company”, Jaana says.

Jaana has a broad experience of leading roles in international listed companies' legal functions and she also has work experience from law firms. She joins Nokian Tyres from PwC where she worked as a Partner and General Counsel, having an overall responsibility of the legal matters of the firm and a key role in the firm's risk management and compliance. Jaana holds a Master of Laws degree from Helsinki University.

Jaana Klinga will report to CFO Teemu Kangas-Kärki and she will be acting as a secretary to Nokian Tyres’ Group Management team and Board of Directors.

Outside the office Jaana leads an active life together with her family.

“I get my energy from family, friends and sports. In our family - husband and three sons - sports has always played an important role and my latest passion is orienteering: what can be more rewarding than running in a forest, navigating in an unfamiliar terrain and then finally finding control points.”

We warmly welcome Jaana to our team!


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