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Making the right connections at Agritechnica – Nokian Tyres introduces new versatility and digital connectivity to agricultural tires

Nokian Heavy Tyres, Nokia, Finland, 15 October 2019 – The world’s biggest agricultural exhibition Agritechnica 2019 will have a strong emphasis on digital innovations. Nokian Tyres is up to the challenge, with a new production and R&D muscle enabling us to introduce new, interconnecting products. To make farming and contracting work more versatile, informed and efficient, the new Nokian Ground King tire unlocks the true potential of multi-use tractors, while the Nokian Tyres Intuitu smart tire solution invites you to a digital journey. Add famously stable and strong flotation tires for trailers, and you have a winning combination to experience at the Nokian Tyres booth.

Since the last Agritechnica two years ago, Nokian Tyres has invested EUR 70 million into increasing production capacity and expanding research and development operations with a new 3,500-square-meter R&D Center. These investments significantly boost the number of new products being brought to the market, including the new revolutionary multi-use tractor tire for agriculture and contracting. Nokian Tyres has also expanded its solutions by introducing smart tires, digital solutions and heavy machinery wheels.

“The agricultural and contracting tires are at the focus of our current product development, and Agritechnica is the main event for agricultural operators”, says Toni Silfverberg, Head of Sales & Marketing at Nokian Heavy Tyres. “That’s why it’s thrilling to be there again and show the world how we have really put a lot of thought in creating products that make agricultural work more productive and sustainable.”

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Connected to the terrain

This year, Agritechnica hosts a world premiere of a truly disruptive tractor and contracting machine tire: Nokian Ground King. Featuring the all-new Hybrilug™ tread pattern technology, the looks and features of the pattern alone are unlike anything you have ever seen, effectively combining the best properties of lug and block pattern tires.

The Nokian Ground King all-terrain, all-season, all-round contracting tire combines mobility and traction on a soft soil with comfortable, precise handling on road transports. What’s more, its wear resistant tread compound and extended ground contact area give excellent operating hours even in extensive on-road use. The excellent load-bearing capacity allows high loads and the use of heavy work implements.

“At Agritechnica 2017, we presented a concept tire, and it was pretty radical and created lots of interest”, Toni Silfverberg says. “After two more years of product development, testing and retesting, the Nokian Ground King tire is the final result of the project, and it really unlocks the potential versatility of modern multi-use tractors.”

The HybrilugTM technology at the heart of Nokian Ground King tire has already proven itself by impressing the test users, and at Agritechnica it can be seen by everyone for the first time.

“The Nokian Ground King tire will definitely rock the boat at Agritechnica”, says Toni Silfverberg. “It’s not every day that you are among the first to see a whole new kind of tractor tire.”

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Another innovative Nokian Tyres product, Nokian Tractor King, is a tractor tire for heavy forestry, earthmoving and road maintenance work with high-speed road transports. Its design from all-new tread pattern to earthmoving-class fortified carcass is nothing short of revolutionary. Nokian Tractor King can be seen on a Municipal-equipped Valtra tractor at Agco booth in Hall 20.

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Connected to the tires

Sensor and digital technologies are among the main Agritechnica 2019 themes, and Nokian Tyres will also introduce the latest innovations in the area of smart tires and digital tire solutions. The solution is called Nokian Tyres Intuitu, and it introduces the new digital dimension to the tires.

“Nokian Tyres Intuitu helps you get the most out of your tires by giving them a digital platform and making them visible on your mobile phone”, Toni Silfverberg describes. “Entirely integrated to the tire itself, it enables efficient tire management and optimal operating conditions.”

At the Nokian Tyres booth, the visitors can view video demonstrations and experience the new digital dimension of tractor tires first hand – with both a real-time demo all the way from Finland and an augmented reality demonstration, sitting in a very real Valtra tractor. Everyone is invited to a digital journey!

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Connected to the wheels

Through a recent company acquisition of Levypyörä, Nokian Tyres’ offering now includes wheels and related solutions. This enables us to serve the tire users better with complete wheels and new innovations.

“We have years of partnership with Levypyörä, the LP Wheels manufacturer”, Toni Silfverberg says. “Now, we can develop wheels and tires side by side, offering even better service and solutions for our customers.”

LP Wheels by Nokian Tyres solutions can be seen both at Nokian Tyres booth #20B52 and at Ovethi’s booth, #03C03.

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Connected to the trailer

Pulling a heavy trailer without causing damage to the terrain is a big part of a contractor’s work. Nokian Tyres presents its advanced flotation tires for today’s demanding work both on the Nokian Tyres booth and on many partners’ stands. Nokian CT is the ultimate trailer tire, unparalleled in endurance and load-bearing capacity. Nokian Country King is the tire of choice when most of the driving takes place on the road, and Nokian ELS carries heavy loads with minimal soil compression.

“The users of our flotation tires have been particularly pleased with the way they keep the trailer steady while loading it”, Silfverberg describes. “You don’t want it to move sideways, even on a soft soil.”

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Making the right connections

For Nokian Tyres, Agritechnica 2019 is all about making the right connections – first and foremost with people.

“The more we connect and listen, the more we achieve”, Toni Silfverberg says. “If our Nordic heritage has taught us something, it is the value of listening, understanding and learning. We believe that’s the way to create value for our customers.” 

The Nokian Tyres booth shows our dedication to the demands of modern agricultural and contracting work. “We believe in spending time in the field, testing and listening to the end users, their needs and feedback”, he lists. “Agritechnica is a wonderful opportunity to meet old connections and make new ones!”

Come and meet us at Agritechnica in Hall 20, booth #B52.

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