Fri June 4 03:02 am 2010 in category Company news

More efficiency and reliability to forests and harbours

The heavy tyre offering will expand with new special tyres in the summer and autumn.

The Nokian Forest Rider family of radial tyres with excellent traction properties will be complemented with two new members tailored for cut-to-length machines and sized 600/50R24.5 and 710/70R34.
The sturdy Nokian Forest King TRS LS-2 special tyres will feature a further reinforced structure. Their increased load-bearing capacity and the tubeless structure add reliability and efficiency to demanding special use, for example, with soil cultivators and large skidders. The new load-bearing category for sizes 28L-26 and 30.5L-32 is 26 PR , earlier 16/18 PR.
Nokian Nordman Forest tyres offer a cost-efficient alternative particularly for older forestry machines or machines in need of a basic overhaul. Technical solutions proven in authentic working conditions guarantee efficient moving.

These bias tyres are durable and reliable to use and will also perform without surprises in various harvesting tasks. The new sizes, 600/65-34 and 700/55-34, provide a good grip and running capacity for six-wheeled forwarders and harvesters. Also available sizes 600/55-26.5 and 710/45-26.5.

The new Nokian HTS Straddle adds stability to straddle carriers

The new radial tyre Nokian HTS Straddle revolutionises the work and working conditions of harbour straddle carrier operators. This carefully tested and uniquely stable tyre offers exceptional driving comfort and facilitates the transfer of massive containers. It makes the work controlled and safe.
The first available size of this highly wear resisting and durable special tyre with low rolling resistance is 16.00R25.
Furthermore, the offering of environmental friendly flotation radial tyres designed for agricultural use is also expanding. The Nokian ELS Radial

features special properties tailored for slurry tankers. Thanks to the large contact area, the low-profile radial tyre imposes considerably less surface pressure on the field than corresponding bias tyres. The high load-bearing capacity adds efficiency to professional contracting. The steel belt structure enhances puncture resistance, particularly in terrain with sharp rocks.
New sizes: 650/65R30.5, 750/60R30.5, 750/50R34, 850/50R30.5, 850/45R34, 800/60R34.

Also steel belted 650/65R26.5, 650/60R34, 710/55R34, 800/50R34.