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More operating hours to contractors’ everyday work - the durability of the Nokian TRI 2 improves

Nokian TRI 2 is a reliable partner for modern-day farmers and equipment contractors all year round. The unique wear resistance of the versatile block-patterned special tyre, suitable for machine contracting, has been improved even more.

The next generation tread compound, developed for demanding contracting, brings even more reliability and longer service life for versatile road and environmental maintenance tasks as well as to the transportation of heavy loads by agricultural tractors. The winter grip of the new compound has also improved.

The arrow-shaped tread pattern and strong, sturdy structure guarantee excellent grip on both slippery roads and soft fields. Grip is further enhanced by the fact that the tyre cleans easily. The special tyre with steady and comfortable driving response has been designed so that it wears evenly and withstands hard wear. Thanks to its block pattern and even contact pressure the tyre can also be used in the maintenance of, for example, sensitive green areas.

Modern agriculture and special tractors are used to transport larger loads than before. Distances between contracting sites are longer, and the average speeds are higher than ever before. The usage rate of tractors has also increased, and they are driven on highways more than before.

When the service life of a special tyre is to be made as long as possible, it is worthwhile to pay attention to using the correct tyres and careful pressure maintenance. The tractor power and weight must correspond to the size of the tyres. Careful pressure maintenance has an essential effect on the tyres’ driving properties and service life.

Following the tractor, contracting equipment and tyre manufacturers’ pressure recommendations and regular pressure maintenance best ensure the tyre reaching the intended service life. Working is more efficient when the best properties of the machine and the tyres are made use of.

The low profile 65 series Nokian TRI 2 tyre sizes are already made of the new tread compound. Another novelty is the groove depth measurement points in the centre rib. They enable checking the usage hours of an environmentally friendly tyre.

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