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New Nokian Forest King TRS2 forestry tyre – excellent without tracks and excellent with them

Nokian Forest King TRS2 is totally new traction pattern tyre for forestry forwarders and harvesters up to 15 ton weight. This new addition to Nokian Forest King –family possesses many new features like new shoulder design for better lateral grip and unique Super Shovel –design lugs that improves traction.

- Basis for Nokian Forest King TRS2 design was that tyre must have supreme grip and durability and it must work with and without tracks. We have enhanced the lateral grip by designing the shoulder to be sharper and with new lug design. Our new Super Shovel –lug design improves traction and same time gives more support to tracks. Forest King TRS2 has also straight sidewalls for better puncture resistance and the bead area is re-designed so that it is very resistant to rim slip, says Teemu Vainionpää, Product Range Development in Nokian Heavy Tyres.
New Nokian TRS2 is designed to be used with compatible tracks (e.g. Nokian Forest King TRS tracks). This is beneficial when driving in terrain which does not require tracks but the same time it is possible to put tracks on for the more demanding environment.
Nokian Forest King TRS2 will be available in three sizes. Starting from 710/45-26,5 at Q4/2013 and continuing with 600/55-26,5 and 710/40-26,5 at Q1/2014. Key market for this latest addition to Forest King -family is Central Europe.
Continuous development generates world's best tyres for forestry use
For decades Nokian Heavy Tyres has been the industry pioneer in making forestry tyres. This calls for a sensitive feel, passion and presence in authentic but same time very demanding operating environment. Although the Nokian Heavy Tyres product range is wide in forestry segment the R&D team is working hard to develop even better tyres for the professional forestry entrepreneurs.
- We are listening and talking with the end-users of the forestry machines all the time. From this dialogue we try to iterate the things for product development. Our sole purpose is to bring the best tyres for forestry use to the market. This is also the story behind our new TRS2, explains Jarkko Heinämäki, Product Manager, Forestry Tyres in Nokian Heavy Tyres as he ponders the development of the new TRS2.
Developing the world’s best forestry tyres requires good understanding of end-user application and environment but the same time it is critical to know what this means in relation to tyre. Tread pattern shape, tread compound, carcass, suitability to tracks are only couple things to be addressed during development.
Market leader and pioneer of forestry machine tyres
Nokian Heavy Tyres is the leading manufacturer of forestry machine tyres in the world. Since the 1960s, the company has been designing special tyres for the Nordic Cut to Length system machines. The selection offers forestry machine tyres both for Nordic Cut to Length (CTL) method machines and Full Tree (FT) method machines, such as skidders. The selection also covers special tyres for tractors that are partly or mainly used for forestry. The products are known for their extremely high quality that provides the user many operating hours and reliable functionality in varying forestry conditions.
Pioneer in environmental issues
Nokian Heavy Tyres is an environmental pioneer among tyre manufacturers. The company was the first in the world to remove hazardous oils from its production process and switch to purified oils.
Eco-friendliness is a central principle of the product development philosophy. The rubber compounds, treads, and structures of these special tyres can withstand extensive wear, which provides the users with plenty of functional operating hours. The lightly rolling tyres will also reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. One of the challenges of product development is also to continuously reduce vibration and tyre noise.
Nokian Heavy Tyres Ltd is part of the Nokian Tyres plc. group. Its product range includes forestry machine tyres, special tyres for agricultural machines, and tyres for machinery used in different locations, such as harbours and terminals, underground mines, earth-moving, and road maintenance.
New Nokian Forest King TRS2 – excellent without tracks and excellent with them  

  • New traction pattern tyre for forestry forwarders and harvesters up to 15 ton weight.
  • New shoulder design for better lateral grip.
  • Unique Super Shovel –design lugs which improves traction.
  • New bead area with high resistance to rim slip.
  • Wider lugs for better track support.
  • Straight sidewalls improve puncture resistance.
  • Higher groove bottom on the shoulder area give more support to track paws and adds puncture resistance.

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