Thu June 21 04:42 am 2012 in category Company news

New product reaches for the optimum - Nokian BAS Stacker for fluent, precise terminal work

The Nokian BAS Stacker 18.00R25 is the latest solution to the tyre wear problems occurring during container handling at ports.

Reach stackers face the same challenges everywhere: excess heat generation from rolling resistance, conical wear on twin wheels, and swaying while lifting. Therefore, the new tyre reaches for the optimum performance in terms of both surface materials and structural solutions.
– The Stacker is our first radial tyre for reach stackers. If the driving distances inside the terminal are even slightly longer, a radial tyre is preferable due to lower rolling resistance and heat generation, says Sales Manager Marko Muhonen.
A common belief is that a radial or belted tyre is lacking in stability, which is an essential feature for the precision and fluency of the work. Nokian responded to this with the Beyond All-Steel Radial structure, which achieves the required stability during both driving and lifting. BAS effectively reduces swaying, as the surface of the tyre itself lessens the impacts. Add to this the surface structure of the BAS Stacker, and the end result provides financial effectiveness.
During hard use, the twin wheels will wear out at the edges more than in the centre, starting the never-ending rotation of tyres to even out the wear.
– If the tyre wears out conically, it harms stability, and tyres need to be replaced before their calculated operating life has ended. The new tread model of the BAS Stacker minimises the conical wear of twin wheels on reach stackers, says Muhonen.