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New size for the Nokian Armor Gard 2 excavator tire

In the spring of 2018, Nokian Tyres introduced a new excavator tire with a feature set matching perfectly the challenges of the urban excavation work. Now, Nokian Armor Gard 2 can be fitted to a wider variety of excavators, thanks to its new 11.00-20 size.

Nokian Armor Gard 2, a true next generation premium tire, found its way from the desks of the product development team to the stores in the spring of 2018. The focus of the world-class product development was in the demands of excavation work in an urban environment: improving the stability and safety of the tire as well as ensuring a long tire life even on long-distance highway transits.

Work-proven design

The demands set for the development were met with flying colors. “Nokian Armor Gard 2 has 25 % more vertical rigidity than its predecessor”, says Eva-Leena Varpe, Product Manager for Nokian Tyres Off-The-Road (OTR) tires. “This gives more stability for excavation work, enabling better accuracy, which is crucial when working in densely populated areas”

The roads tend to be paved in the city excavation sites as well as in the transits between them. That can cause premature wear on excavator tires. Nokian Armor Gard 2 is prepared for this challenge as well. “The wide tread enables lower surface pressure, which means the tire wears out slower”, Varpe explains. “Compared to the previous model, we also added 12 % more rubber to the tread, so there is plenty of it to wear out.”

The contractor benefits

Every product release by Nokian Tyres is preceded with thorough trials in real-life working conditions. The contractors already using Nokian Armor Gard 2 on their excavators have noted the same things as our test users: besides pavement, the tires keep moving forward on soft terrain as well without getting blocked up. What’s more, the highway transits are quieter and more comfortable. “The feedback from the users has been positive”, smiles Varpe from Nokian Tyres. “For my part, I’m glad we’ve created a tire with features that can really help the contractors in their daily work.”

Now in two sizes

Nokian Armor Gard 2 was originally released in one size, 10.00-20. The new 11.00-20 size enables even more contractors to improve their excavator’s properties both on site and in transit.

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