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New sizes of the Nokian Forest Rider special tyres for heavy tractors and demanding forestry work

The Nokian Forest Rider product family expands with new sizes intended for large and heavy tractors. Sturdy, durable and economical, the Nokian Forest Rider is a unique special tyre designed for demanding, highly challenging usage conditions. Machine manufacturers and contractors have been waiting for a reliable, versatile product suitable for harvesting energy wood, constructing and maintaining forest roads. No such products have been available until now.

The new sizes of Nokian Forest Rider are suitable for big tractors with power ranging from 200 to 500 horsepower. The load-bearing capacity of the Nokian Forest Rider is clearly above the usual standard pressures for tractors with a maximum pressure of 400 kPa (4 bar).

Changes in harvesting and energy politics have also affected the power range, equipment, structures and usage targets of tractors. The use of energy wood is increasing, and new harvesting methods have been introduced. Massive and effective tractors equipped for forestry use set high demands for tyres: the tyres must be sturdy and immensely durable but at the same time also agile and flexible enough. Structural durability and easy rolling properties are also needed for transition drives.

The design of special tyre sizes was governed by strict requirements. The tyres must carry heavy loads; high load-bearing capacity also means high tyre pressure. The tyres must resist cuts and puncture on rough surfaces; tyre puncture must not interrupt work.

In the design of the Nokian Forest Rider, Nokian Heavy Tyres has efficiently utilised the top qualities of tyres tailored for CTL (cut-to-length) forestry machines.

Extremely reliable side puncture protection

The Nokian Forest Rider features a unique, patented side puncture protection. The sturdy sidewalls of the tyres can withstand the challenges of demanding usage conditions. The radial, steel belted (SB) Nokian Forest Rider has excellent resistance for sharp stubs, stones and sticks.

The Nokian Forest Rider is a sturdy and durable tyre with excellent grip and traction properties and low rolling resistance – i.e. the tyre rolls easily, which reduces fuel consumption. The Nokian Forest Rider moves steadily in uneven, hilled terrain. It has a timely, immediate driving response. Comfortable, vibration-free driving makes the machine more pleasant to operate, enhances work ergonomics and adds efficiency to contract work.

The tyre cleans easily and cools down quickly. The large contact area and open-centre tread design make the tyre efficient off the road but also suitable for on-road driving. A strong tyre with stable driving properties, the Nokian Forest Rider functions very well in transition driving. It enables the maximum speed for tractors in traffic, 50 km/h.

The key market area for the new Nokian Forest Rider sizes comprises all of Central Europe. Deliveries will begin in late spring 2009.

With respect for the environment

Environmental friendliness is one of the key principles in Nokian Tyres’ product development. Nokian Tyres was the first tyre company in the world to abandon harmful HA oils in its production in 2004. We already comply with the EU's REACH regulation on chemicals and their safe use that will become effective in 2010.

The new sizes of the Nokian Forest Rider:

600/65 R 34 Front tyre
650/85 R 38 Rear tyre
600/70 R 30 Front tyre

Further information:

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