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Nokian Forest King F2 – track grip for demanding forestry use

Nokian’s new Forest King F2 provides tested, better track grip for demanding forestry. During product development, special attention has been paid to making the tyre work well with tracks.

– The Nokian Forest King F2 offers perfect track support at every point, keeping the track links straight on the surface of the tyre. The grip between the tyre and track has been improved by increasing the straight section of the ribs and the grooves on the centre part. Together with the shape of the shoulders, the new pattern improves support for the tracks and helps them stay on, says Jarkko Heinämäki, Product Manager for forestry tyres at Nokian Heavy Tyres.

The high-grip pattern means that the track does not need to be tensed, which reduces the stress on the tyres and journal boxes. Especially under difficult conditions, this reduces the risk of breaking for both the tyres and journal boxes. The puncture protection of the tyre has been further improved by increasing the material strength on the tyre shoulders.

Entirely new tyre size for forestry equipment

The first product of the Nokian Forest King F2 family also introduces a completely new tyre size, 780/50-28.5 PR 24, for forestry machines. The rim diameter has been expanded to 28.5 inches in order to match the increased pulling power of machines and to prevent the tyre from spinning on the rim. The increased tyre diameter allows for a high load-bearing capacity at similar inflation pressures and it improves the traction and off-road abilities of the machine. The new tyre size is a reliable solution for the heaviest forestry machines weighing over 20 tonnes.

  • Track grip like never before
  • Improved puncture resistance
  • Entirely new tyre size, 780/50-28.5 PR 24, for heavy-duty forestry machine tyres

Market leader and pioneer of forestry machine tyres

Nokian Heavy Tyres is the leading manufacturer of forestry machine tyres in the world. Since the 1960s, the company has been designing special tyres for the Nordic Cut to Length system machines. The selection offers forestry machine tyres both for Nordic Cut to Length (CTL) method machines and Full Tree (FT) method machines, such as skidders. Its well-known top products include the Nokian Forest Rider, which is the world’s most advanced forestry tyre, and the Nokian Forest King F that provides excellent reliability. The selection also covers special tyres for tractors that are partly or mainly used for forestry. The products are known for their extremely high quality that provides the user many operating hours and reliable functionality in varying forestry conditions.

The innovative solutions, quality, and durability achieved through the company’s own research and development that is performed in close co-operation with the customers are common to all of our products. Nokian Heavy Tyres is known for its professional and flexible customer service – the best in its field.

Pioneer in environmental issues

Nokian Heavy Tyres is an environmental pioneer among tyre manufacturers. The company was the first in the world to remove hazardous oils from its production process and switch to purified oils.
Eco-friendliness is a central principle of the product development philosophy. The rubber compounds, treads, and structures of these special tyres can withstand extensive wear, which provides the users with plenty of functional operating hours. The lightly rolling tyres will also reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. One of the challenges of product development is also to continuously reduce vibration and tyre noise.

Nokian Heavy Tyres Ltd is part of the Nokian Tyres plc group. Its product range includes forestry machine tyres, special tyres for agricultural machines, and tyres for machinery used in different locations, such as harbours and terminals, underground mines, earth-moving, and road maintenance.

Photos: www.nokiantyres.com/NokianForestKingF2

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