Mon November 25 10:26 am 2013 in category Company news

Nokian Forest King TRS2: Top innovation for forestry work, with or without tracks

The new Nokian Forest King TRS2 that will be introduced this autumn has been designed to serve its driver even under the toughest conditions, and to provide no surprises. It can be used either with or without tracks. The development of this innovative combination is based on solid co-operation with forestry machine operators. The tyre meets nearly all of the challenges of practical forestry, making work more fluent and economical.

– The starting points for the tyre’s development were the best grip and durability on the market – with or without tracks. We have added lateral grip to the tyre that was already sturdy by introducing sharper shoulders and a new rib structure.
The new Super Shovel ribs improve grip and provide added support for tracks, says Jarkko Heinämäki, Product Manager for forestry tyres.
The new tyre offers perfect track support at every point, keeping the track links straight on the surface of the tyre. This allows the machine to serve its driver with minimum delays even in challenging positions, which makes the work safer and more fluent. When the terrain demands it, you can use tracks designed for Nokian Forest King TRS tyres, for example.
The wider tread surface also provides good lateral grip and significantly reduces the pressure towards the ground. At the same time, the tyre behaves more reliably, and new growth is not prevented since the ground is not compacted unnecessarily.
Puncture protection
A tyre puncture stops work at the site for at least some time and can be very costly. The development of puncture protection means that you can work on the field with fewer interruptions. The areas between the ribs provide additional grip between the track and tyre, and the new tyre provides improved puncture protection for these areas. It has been improved by increasing the material thickness on the tyre shoulders and raising the bottom of the tyre groove. The sides of the tyre have also been straightened for added puncture and cut protection. This will prevent objects that rise up from the sides of the path from hitting the tyre itself.
The tyre is suited for forestry machines and harvesters up to 15 tons. The Nokian Forest King TRS2 will be introduced in the size 710/45-26.5; next spring, Nokian Heavy Tyres will introduce sizes 600/55-26.5 and 710/40-24.5.