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Nokian Heavy Tyres introduces new wider and efficient Nokian Forest King TRS LS-2 tyre for skidders

Nokian Heavy Tyres will introduce the new 35.5L-32 Nokian Forest King TRS LS-2 tyre to complement the tyre selection for skidder equipment.

– So far, we have been lacking a tyre of the size 35.5L-32. It is a common size, however, and they are especially sold to North and South America, says Sales Manager Vesa Sampakoski from Nokian Heavy Tyres.
The new tyre is five inches wider than before, and when the diameter is 2,010 millimetres, the total weight amounts to nearly 600 kilogrammes. The load-bearing capacity is high, meaning that the tyre meets today’s standards.
Wider shoulders
Size is not the only new feature of the latest Forest King. The tread pattern has been developed for even higher traction.
– The tread is now straighter than before, creating traction across the entire surface, Product Development Manager Martti Päivinen from Nokian Heavy Tyres illustrates.
– At the same time, the tyre shoulders have been strengthened. We have also paid more attention to rim protection. New design prevents wood from penetrating between tyre bead and rims flange. We have also improved chain use by structural means, as the use of chains is very common in tyres of this type.
According to Vainionpää, the product development of cut to length harvester tyres is also proceeding continuously, and new products are to be expected in the near future.
Market leader and forerunner in forestry tyres
Nokian Heavy Tyres is the global market leader in forestry tyres. The company has designed special tyres for forestry machines that use the CTL (cut-to-length) method, developed in the Nordic countries, since the 1960s. Its product range includes tyres for cut-to-length (CTL) as well as full-tree (FT) machines, such as skidders. The range also includes special tyres for tractors used partly or mainly in the forest. Nokian Tyres products are known for their extremely high quality that guarantees a long service life and reliable functionality for a variety of uses and conditions.
All products feature high quality and durability, as well as innovative solutions developed as the result of research and development, conducted in close co-operation with customers. Nokian Heavy Tyres is known for its professional, flexible service – the best in its field.
Nokian Heavy Tyres is a pioneering tyre manufacturer in environmental matters. It was the first tyre company in the world to abandon harmful oils in its production processes and to use only purified oils.
Nokian Forest King TRS LS-2

  • Tyres for log skidders, wide tread with high traction lugs
  • Special cut and crack resistant compound
  • Steel fortification against punctures

Tyre sizes: 23.1-26, 28L-26, 24.5-32, 30.5L-32, NEW 35.5L-32
available March 2013
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