Nokian HT SUV – a new summer tyre for demanding SUV driving on asphalt and gravel

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Nokian HT SUV – a new summer tyre for demanding SUV driving on asphalt and gravel

Nokian’s family of tyres has grown with the addition of a hard-wearing and high performing new summer tyre intended for urban SUVs; the Nokian HT SUV. The Nokian HT SUV is designed for European consumers who appreciate quality. Although the Nokian HT SUV is at its best on asphalt, it also functions excellently off the main roads: with an SUV you can slip away from the smooth main road onto the twisty small roads; tracks that are covered in sand and gravel and difficult to drive on.

The wide range of sizes available for the T and H speed categories of Nokian’s newest member of the summer product family, the Nokian HT SUV tyre, covers all of the most popular SUVs sold in Europe. Sales of the product will start in tyre retailers in the spring of 2009.

Tough and hard wearing construction

Powerful, large SUVs put a lot of demands on tyres. Tyres have to be strong and sturdy so that they can take the large wheel loadings safely and keep a high vehicle level even on uneven surfaces. The Nokian HT SUV meets these needs perfectly. It is hard wearing and strong but still reacts immediately and accurately to steering. It is reliable when changing lanes at high speed, swerving to avoid obstacles and it stops effectively.

The structure of the Nokian HT SUV is designed for versatile SUV driving. The steel belt is covered with a jointless nylon belt which improves the road response of the tyre. The reinforced edge areas of the belt and the single wire bead ensure it can cope with hard use.

The Nokian HT SUV is the right choice for the driver who appreciates efficient and safe driving and wants to enjoy the performance of an SUV on both dirt roads and in urban driving.

Self-cleaning surface geometry and off-road claws

The asymmetrical tread gives the tyre precise and safe control on dry roads and in wet conditions. The stone removers in the main grooves of the tread prevent small stones becoming embedded in the grooves and tread pattern. On soft terrain the rotation of the tyre throws excess soil out of the grooves and so the tyre cleans itself. The self cleaning tread minimises the amount of jagged stones that get stuck in the tyre. Other road users also benefit as the number of stones flying around is reduced.

The new SUV tyre has an inside-outside tread pattern. The different inside and outside shoulder tread patterns guarantee excellent drive stability and good aquaplaning properties The stiff outer shoulder improves the stability of the tyre. The grooves in the inside shoulder clear water from the tyre quickly and give effective protection against aquaplaning.

For driving on sandy roads and other soft surfaces, there are off-road claws moulded into the shoulder area, bevels and straight cornered protectors. The off-road claws grip the surface of the road which makes traction and braking more efficient.

Nokian Cool Silica - wear surface composite guarantees grip in all conditions

The new silica wear surface composite, Nokian Cool Silica, has been designed for particularly demanding and changeable conditions where large fluctuations in temperature are typical. During the long summer tyre season the air temperature can fluctuate from the burning heat of mid-summer to almost zero in the autumn.

The tyre has excellent grip on both wet and dry roads. Wear resistance is top quality. Following our principles of durable safety, the tyre properties are consistent throughout its working life.

Driving comfort, green values and durability

The new Double Mud Stopper contact area construction increases the operational life of the tyre and rims The mud stopper prevents dirt, mud and small stones getting caught between the tyre and the rim. A rim protector is standard on all the 55 series and low profile tyres which prevents dents to the rim if the wheel hits the curb when parking.

Tyres in good condition reduce the risk of aquaplaning significantly. To make it easier for drivers to check the tread depth on their tyres, Nokian Tyres has developed two inventions to improve safety: tyre wear and aquaplaning indicators.

The tyre’s Driving Safety Indicator (DSI) shows the tread depth. A row of numbers shows the remaining groove depth in millimetres. The numbers disappear one by one as the tyre wears. The aquaplaning indicator is a reminder of the increased risk of aquaplaning. The indicator droplet disappears when the remaining groove depth is less than 4 mm.

The birch leaf symbol on the side wall of the tyre represents environmental friendliness. As in the manufacture of other products from Nokian Tyres, only pure low aromatic oils are used in the Nokian HT SUV.

The info field on the tyre sidewall can be used to mark the correct inflation pressures when the tyre is fitted. Tyres at the correct inflation pressure increase safety, make steering more accurate and reduce fuel consumption.

The most important properties:

• Durable construction guarantees a long lifetime on both main roads and off road driving
• Precise and sturdy road response
• Good grip on both wet and dry roads
• Effective aquaplaning protection

New innovations:

• Newly designed structure for demanding SUV use
• Nokian Cool Silica wear surface composite operates across a wide temperature range
• Self-cleaning tread
• Off-road claws
• Double Mud Stopper

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