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New special tyre for straddle carriers:

Nokian HTS Straddle – effortless stability, extreme wear resistance

With its revolutionary construction, the Nokian HTS Straddle provides straddle carriers with premium durability for their work in harbours and goods terminals. Nokian Heavy Tyres' new radial special tyre strives for perfection. It combines the high load-bearing capacity desired by operators with excellent driving comfort appreciated by drivers.

The Nokian HTS Straddle features all-new structural solutions different from the traditional harbour tyre design. The multi-layer tyre body, featuring an ultra-durable textile structure, ensures the stability of the straddle carrier even at high speeds. The sturdy construction maximises the stiffness of the body, which enables the optimal utilisation of the stability and load-bearing capacity of the nimble, quick straddle carrier. The first size in the new product family is 16.00R25, which is the most common tyre size of 8-wheeled straddle carriers.

"Thanks to the improved stability, straddle carriers can achieve higher average speeds and a precise steering response in the cramped, busy loading harbour areas. The work is efficient, but remember also at the same time take account of important safety issues such as speed limits. The optimal deflection zone in the tyre sidewall enhances durability by dampening any sudden blows and impacts," says Martti Päivinen, Product Development Manager of Nokian Heavy Tyres.

Tread compound tailored for harbour use

Nokian Heavy Tyres conducts close testing co-operation with the leading machine manufacturers of the world. The excellent wear resistance and durability of the Nokian HTS Straddle is based in a special rubber compounds particularly tailored for harbour use, and other innovations resulting from long-term development work.

The tread compound features carefully selected elastomers, and it offers exceptional wear resistance without compromising the impressive cut resistance. The motion of the microscopic molecules in the tread compound dampens quickly, which means that the tyre generates less heat. At the same time, the flexible, strong bonds between the molecules can endure even hard impacts. The Nokian HTS Straddle is at home on even surfaces, but it also works well on uneven or rough surfaces. The tyre has an excellent hourly output all year round, even in varying working conditions and weather. Test results indicate that the durability of the Nokian HTS Straddle is of the absolute top level on the market.

The winding shape of the main grooves in the tread enlarges the cooling area and further decreases the heat generation that accelerates tyre wear. Moreover, the winding groove design increases lateral stability in the shoulder area, which is very important when driving heavy loads. The tyre resists wear and maintains its immaculate shape for a longer time.

Efficiency, precision and grip

This special tyre with low rolling resistance and good fuel-saving properties is a reliable choice for operations that require absolute grip. The main grooves of the tread, with a large volume and a winding design, combined with the small lateral grooves, efficiently replace water from under the tyre.

The job is easy to do precisely like clockwork, when the risk of aquaplaning is significantly lower. The new tyre is also sovereign in demanding winter conditions, where maximal grip is required.

The pattern block DSI indicators enable keeping track of the excellent wear resistance of this versatile harbour tyre. They indicate the percentage of remaining groove depth. The Nokian HTS Straddle is an environmentally sound tyre manufactured using purified oils only.

Nokian Heavy Tyres Ltd, a manufacturer of high-quality special tyres, is a part of the Nokian Tyres Group. The company’s product range includes forestry tyres, special tyres for agricultural machinery and a variety of industrial machinery tyres used in, for example, harbours and terminals, underground mines, earthmoving and road maintenance. Nokian Tyres is a pioneering tyre manufacturer in environmental issues. It was the first tyre company in the world to abandon harmful oils in its production processes and to use purified, low-aromatic oils only.

Nokian HTS Straddle – extreme stability and wear resistance

  • Excellent hourly output in varying and demanding conditions
  • Supreme stability enables higher average speed
  • Low rolling resistance reducing fuel consumption
  • High load-bearing capacity
  • Reliable grip

Size: 16.00R25
Load-bearing capacity: 14 000kg/1 000 kPa/25 km/h

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