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Bulletin 6 September 2005

Technology and knowledge in high-speed tyres boost T rated quality


Nokian i3 is a new T rated (190 km/h) tyre, which aims to become number one in its class. Inspired by bigger tyres in higher speed categories, the Nokian i3 now includes numerous innovations and features that have proven to be excellent in UHP tyres designed for extremely demanding high-speed driving.

In the last few years the tyre industry has focused on designing and manufacturing tyres for high-speed driving in order to meet growing demand. European consumers have shown a greater leaning towards big, high-performance cars that need to be equipped with UHP (ultra high performance) tyres. Yet, a survey of the European tyre markets yields an interesting result: while UHP tyres (over 240 km/h) accounted for 12% of the tyres sold in the first half of the year, the T category achieved a 44% share.

The main goal for Nokian Tyres is to design and manufacture the safest possible tyres. It is not in the company’s interest to limit its skills, know-how and innovative capacity to the manufacture of ultra high performing tyres. On the contrary, it makes use of the manufacturing technology and features of UHP tyres in its new volume product. Nokian Tyres developed its novelty into a first-rate product featuring top-quality materials and structural solutions.

Nokian i3 is suitable for small cars and mid-sized family cars. Most of the new tyres are in the size range of 14 and 15 inches, with a few 13-inch alternatives also on offer.

Resistant and safe pioneer

Nokian i3 maintains a good grip in rainy conditions. It is an inside-outside tyre, meaning that the inner and outer surfaces differ from one another. This is a feature that has become increasingly common in UHP tyres. The rigid shoulder design on the outside and the wide grooves on the inside make the tyre easier to handle and improve its stability.

The tyre features three prominent main grooves, and lateral grooves open to the side, giving the tyre excellent hydroplaning properties. The acoustically optimised tread pattern and noise cavities in the grooves dampen tyre noise. In addition, three shoulder blocks of varying length have been distributed at random over the tyre to prevent unpleasant noise peaks from occurring in any resonance range.

The rigidity of tread blocks has been harmonised using sipes of varying depth. This Variable Dimension Sipes (VD) technique results in improved wet grip, lower noise level, low rolling resistance and even tyre wear.

The ecological nature of the Nokian i3 is particularly evident in two features. Similar to other Nokian tyres, no high aromatic oils are used in the manufacturing process. The tyre is also economical: it rolls easily and consumes little fuel.

The driving safety indicator shows the depth of the main grooves in millimetres. The info field, where the tyre’s location under the car can be marked, facilitates tyre installation after winter storage. A Mudstopper sealing ring protects the rim of 14- and 15-inch tyres from dirt and gravel.

Nokian Tyres will offer the novelty in its main markets: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Russia and Eastern Europe. Consumer sales will begin in spring 2006.

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