Mon March 14 12:50 pm 2011 in category Product news

Nokian Noktop Hakkapeliitta D – superior grip for heavy traffic

The legendary Nokian Hakkapeliitta winter tyre range now encompasses retreaded tyres as well. The union between the triumphant Hakkapeliitta, celebrating its 75th anniversary, and Noktop, a favourite among heavy traffic professionals, culminates in the Nokian Noktop Hakkapeliitta D, a new winter traction tread that offers superior winter grip especially for long-distance cargo and bus traffic.

In addition to its Hakkapeliitta-like grip, the new tread stands out from its predecessors thanks to its excellent wear resistance and unique driving stability, which have been achieved through numerous innovations boosting driving safety.

The twin block pattern patented by Nokian Tyres enables dense lateral siping, which enhances grip during traction and braking. The Traction Booster sawtooth pattern on the tyre surface also improves longitudinal grip. Excellent winter grip and stable driving qualities are rounded off by a new tread rubber compound and the two-layer cap/base structure.

Thanks to the deep 3D siping, tyre grip remains excellent for a long time. The tread sipe activators support siping and ensure driving safety even in quickly changing weather conditions.

The new tread also features Driving Safety Indicators (DSI) that make it easy to monitor tyre wear. Developed and patented by Nokian Tyres, the Driving Safety Indicator (DSI) shows how many millimetres of tread remain in the main grooves of the tyre. The Winter Safety Indicator (WSI) indicates when the winter grip of the tyre is at its peak. When the snowflake symbol wears off, the tyre is still well suited for summer conditions.

Environmentally friendly retreading and savings in fuel expenses

Retreading saves energy and raw materials, in addition to efficiently reducing CO2 emissions. The lightly rolling Nokian Noktop Hakkapeliitta D maximises savings for winter traction treads, thanks to its exceptionally low rolling resistance, which reduces fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. Thanks to its modern tread design and optimised block patterning, the new tread is also 3 dB quieter than its predecessor. Similar to all Nokian Hakkapeliitta tyres, the Nokian Noktop Hakkapeliitta D is made without high-aromatic oils.

Nokian Noktop tread offers endurance and grip

Nokian Tyres is the biggest manufacturer of retreading materials in the Nordic countries. The Nokian Noktop retreading range is designed for demanding conditions, and its product development is based on the unique insight into winter conditions accumulated by the world’s northernmost tyre manufacturer, as well as on the principle of sustainable safety. The Nokian Noktop products are carefully inspected and tested. This results in tread that offers superior grip, roll lightly, save fuel and endure tough wear.

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