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Nokian Noktop Hakkapeliitta F - Superior grip for trailer tyres in all winter conditions

The Nokian Noktop Hakkapeliitta product line continues to grow, as Nokian Tyres introduces the market’s first winter tread for wide trailer tyres. The new Nokian Noktop Hakkapeliitta F gives trailer tyres the legendary Hakkapeliitta grip combined with excellent wear resistance. The new tread is specially designed for tyre casings of the size 445/45R19.5.

The Nokian Noktop Hakkapeliitta F tread is especially suitable for low trailers that are used for international operation under demanding and varying Nordic conditions, for example. This trailer tread guarantees excellent grip under any conditions, since the Spiral Sipe System technology developed by Nokian Tyres ensures its excellent grip properties.

- Due to the uniquely dense pattern and strong zig zag grooves, the tread has numerous sharp edges that grip any surface. The grip of the tyre is further improved by the wide grooves that easily get clean from snow and slush, says Product Development Manager Teppo Siltanen from Nokian Truck Tyres.

Eco-friendly and budget-friendly driving

The tread pattern of the Nokian Noktop Hakkapeliitta F is based on dense siping that avoid the forming of “teeth” that is typical of block patterns. This makes the wear shape of the tyre very even, thereby increasing the usable mileage of the tyre.

The tread compound developed by Nokian Tyres combines never before seen grip with extreme wear resistance. The rubber compound also has low heat generation, resulting in less rolling resistance. Lower rolling resistance visibly reduces fuel costs.

The Nokian Noktop Hakkapeliitta F saves both operating costs and the environment. Like all Nokian Hakkapeliittas, the Nokian Noktop Hakkapeliitta F has also been manufactured completely without high aromatic oils. Reducing rolling resistance also reduces exhaust gas emissions, resulting in savings that benefit both the finances and the environment. Retreading tyres is an eco-friendly procedure, as it saves energy and raw materials and effectively reduces CO2 emissions.

Monitoring tyre wear brings additional safety

The Driving Safety Indicator (DSI) developed and patented by Nokian Tyres provides additional safety by making it easier to follow the wear of the tyre. The percentages on the centre surface of the tyre indicate how much of the main groove depth remains on the tread. The numbers wear together with the tyre, making it easy to monitor the actual condition of the tyre.

The Winter Safety Indicator (WSI) indicates when the winter grip of the tyre is at its peak. When the snowflake symbol wears off, the tyre is still well suited for summer conditions.

Nokian Noktop treads provide durability and grip

Nokian Tyres is the largest manufacturer of retreading materials in the Nordic countries. The Nokian Noktop range of retreading materials is designed for demanding conditions, and its product development is guided by the unique winter expertise of the world’s northernmost tyre factory, and a focus on sustainable safety. Nokian Noktop products are carefully researched and tested. As a result, retreading materials provide excellent grip and low rolling resistance, while saving fuel and enduring tough wear.


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