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Nokian Tyres Ground King - High load-bearing capacity and traction in every situation

Impressive all-terrain performance on fields and on-road

Mr. Markku Rita-Kasari, a rural entrepreneur in Finland, knows that tractors need to adapt fast for different needs in property maintenance work. During his workdays, Mr. Rita-Kasari faces all kinds of situations from slippery roads to muddy fields, which is why he needs powerful tires. “During winters and tillage seasons, having enough traction and load-bearing capacity used to be my biggest headaches”, Mr. Rita-Kasari says. “Since last spring, I have used Nokian Tyres Ground King tires. They have made me realize how high-quality tires truly make working smooth and care-free.”

Even though good traction in the Ground King tire is a key feature for Mr. Rita-Kasari, he believes that the tire shows its full potential and capabilities while carrying heavy loads. Mr. Rita-Kasari has used, for example, Nokian Tyres CT tire which receives earned praises for its load-bearing capacity. Still, the Ground King has impressed him even more. “In addition to driving always feeling light and easy, I am also able to save a lot of fuel”, Rita-Kasari says.

Mr. Rita-Kasari also uses the Nokian Tyres IntuituTM mobile application. Together with smart sensors integrated to the tires and a Bluetooth connection, Mr. Rita-Kasari can monitor his tires through the app. “The most important part for me is the fact that the mobile app always keeps me posted about, for example, tire pressure and reports about possible issues”, Mr. Rita-Kasari says. “As multiple different tasks are done with the same vehicle, it is very important to know how tire pressure adapts to varying situations and terrains.”


“Nokian Tyres Ground King tires have made me realize how high-quality tires truly make working smooth and care-free.”



Name              Mr. Markku Rita-Kasari 

Company       Koneurakointi M.Rita-Kasari 

Vehicle           Tractor

Tires                Nokian Tyres Ground King 

Location        Kurikka, Finland