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Nokian Tyres plc Stock Exchange Release 8 April 2015, 6.35 p.m.

Nokian Tyres plc Annual General Meeting, decisions

On 8 April 2015, Nokian Tyres Annual General Meeting accepted the financial statements for 2014 and discharged the Board of Directors and the President and CEO from liability.


The meeting decided that a dividend of EUR 1.45 per share shall be paid for the period ending on 31 December, 2014. The dividend shall be paid to shareholders included in the shareholder list maintained by Euroclear Finland Ltd on the record date of 10 April 2015. The dividend payment date is 23 April 2015.

Members of the Board of Directors and Auditor

The meeting decided that the Board of Directors has six members. Current members Hille Korhonen, Raimo Lind, Inka Mero, Hannu Penttilä and Petteri Walldén will continue in the Board of Directors. New member was chosen to the Board: Mr Tapio Kuula.

Authorised public accountants KPMG Oy Ab continue as auditors.

Remuneration of the Members of the Board of Directors unchanged

The meeting decided that the fee paid to the Chairman of the Board is EUR 80,000 per year, while that paid to Board members is set at EUR 40,000 per year. Members of the Board are also granted a fee of EUR 600 for every Board meeting and Committee meeting attended.

According to the existing practices, 50% of the annual fee be paid in cash and 50% in company shares, such that in the period from 9 April to 30 April 2015, EUR 40,000 worth of Nokian Tyres plc shares will be purchased at the stock exchange on behalf of the Chairman of the Board and EUR 20,000 worth of shares on behalf of each Board member. This means that the final remuneration paid to Board members is tied to the company’s share performance.

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