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Nokian Tyres plc: Shares subscribed with option rights

Nokian Tyres plc Total number of voting rights and capital November 13, 2018, 11:00 a.m.

After August 21, 2018 registered new shares a total of 25,462 Nokian Tyres plc's shares have been subscribed with the 2013C option rights. These option rights are attached to the Nokian Tyres plc's Option Program of 2013.

New shares have been registered into the Trade Register on November 13, 2018, as of which date the new shares will establish shareholder rights.

The share capital will not increase with subscriptions made by 2013 option rights. The entire subscription price of EUR 504,911.46 will be entered in the invested unrestricted equity reserve.

As a result of the share subscriptions, the number of Nokian Tyres plc shares will increase to 138,065,719 shares.

The shares will be traded on the Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd together with the old shares as of November 14, 2018.

Identifiers of Nokian Tyres plc's share after the registration of new shares:

Trading code: NRE1V

ISIN code: FI0009005318

Number of shares: 138,065,719

Share capital: 25,437,906.00 euros

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