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Nokian Tyres has developed two significantly new summer tyres for the highest performance categories. The novelties for fast driving, Nokian NRVi and Nokian NRY reflect the most advanced expertise in tyre development. The tyres are suitable for top speeds and demanding driving. However, their development has been based on the key motto of the Nordic tyre manufacturer: durable safety.

Tailored for the top segments, the new tyres will be aimed at all of Nokian Tyres' markets. The biggest sales are expected in Central Europe, the USA and the Nordic countries. Retail sales will commence in spring 2003.

The quiet Nokian NRVi prevents aquaplaning

In the development of Nokian NRVi, the key focus areas were its aquaplaning properties, wet grip and wear resistance. As a result of testing dozens of different tread patterns, an entirely new tread design, symmetric at the shoulders and asymmetric at the centre, was developed. The tyre's rolling direction is set by the arrow-like centre pattern. Numerous tests on different tracks indicated that a directional pattern (with fixed rolling direction) is the most effective in removing water from between the tyre and the road, even at high speeds.

Nokian NRVi is directionally steady and durable. The good properties have been achieved by setting the outmost steel belt in a reverse angle towards the asymmetric featherlike pattern of the centre. The tyre has a precise and soft impact with the road, which improves its braking capacity and ensures an even wear pattern. The symmetric shoulders of the tread pattern emphasise excellent cornering properties.

It was desired to improve the wet grip of the Nokian NRVi. Usually, high-speed category tyres lose some of their grip in cool temperatures. Nokian NRVi's entirely new full silica mix functions flawlessly in any summer temperature. Braking tests were carried out at both cool (some +8°C), and warm (some +25°C) environments. The tyres were tested on Nordic, rough asphalt and smooth Central-European asphalt as well as concrete surface.

The tyre noise has been minimised with several different solutions. In addition to the optimal tread pattern block distribution and structural choices, circumferential platforms have been designed on the bottom of the main grooves together with small cavities on the pattern blocks next to the main grooves. These elements break the high-frequency noise that forms when driving on smooth road surface in straight grooves (the so-called organ pipe effect). The tyre's pass-by and cabin noise is of low level and pleasant tone.

The info field indicates inflation pressure recommendations

Intended for high-performance cars, V-speed category tyres are usually installed on light-metal rims that are impressive but can wear easily. The bead area of the Nokian NRVi has been renewed. A sealing circle was added to the rib that protects the rim. The design protects the area between the tyre and the rim from sand, mud and impurities.

There is an info field in the tyre's bead area that facilitates tyre maintenance and increases the driver's comfort. The info field contains a list of recommended inflation pressure value. The tyre mechanic marks the correct inflation pressure of the tyre in the info field with a silver pencil. When checking the inflation pressure, the driver can confirm the right pressure level from the info field. Next to the pressure record there is a chart for marking the tyre's placing under the car. This mark will help remember the tyres' places after out-of-season storage.

As with most Nokian products, the Nokian NRVi also has a wear indicator (driving safety indicator, DSI) that informs in clear figures how many millimetres of tread the tyre has left.

The Nokian NRVi is a speed category V tyre (240 km/h), manufactured in 19 sizes.

The stylish Nokian NRY radiates technical superiority

Nokian NRY is a new tyre with a maximum speed of 300 km/h. It was developed to be safe and have the utmost performance ability and excellent driving properties. With its aesthetics and individual design, the product reflects high quality and technical superiority. Silver-grey stripes located on the tyre's main grooves symmetrically on both sides of the centre rib, give the Nokian NRY a very sophisticated and distinctive look.

The surface tread pattern is directional. Strong lateral grooves and broad longitudinal grooves on both sides of the centre rib effectively prevent aquaplaning. The longitudinal rib of the tyre's centre pattern improves steering responses and steering speed.

The structure is designed for high speeds and heavy wheel loads. Initially, the tyre will be manufactured in 17-, 18- and 19-inch sizes. All sizes are rated in the load category XL; four load indexes higher than standard passenger car tyres.

Nokian NRY has a sturdy rim area rib that protects the rim from dents and scratches. Furthermore, there is a 'mud stopper' sealing that prevents sand and mud from getting between the rim and the tyre.

Nokian NRY is available in six sizes. The sizes that will appear on the market are the original sizes of Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Daimler, Jaguar and Cadillac, among others.

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Picture: Nokian NRVi

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