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Nokian Tyres published its Corporate Sustainability Report

Nokian Tyres published its first Corporate Sustainability Report that was drawn up according to the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) guidelines; it describes the goals, plans, actions, and results of the group’s sustainability programme in 2012. Added perspective has been introduced by describing Nokian Tyres’ activities from the past few years.

– I am very happy that we expanded our comprehensive Environmental Report into a Corporate Sustainability Report pursuant to the GRI guidelines. This will further increase the transparency and openness of our activities, and offer a good opportunity to track our activities and the effects of our actions on the world, says Kim Gran, President and CEO.

Nokian Tyres was the first tyre manufacturer in the world to discontinue the use of high aromatic oils in its production. The Corporate Sustainability Report from this responsible pioneer in environmental issues and the tyre industry brings out a comprehensive selection of issues related to product responsibility, and takes into account the effects of its products during their entire lifetime.

Some of the new indicators that have not been published in the company’s earlier Environmental Reports include the proportion of products with low rolling resistance and high wet grip in the product range, and the success of the company’s products in magazine tests. In 2012, the proportion of tyres with ultra-low rolling resistance that reduce fuel consumption was up to 44%. A total of 88% of the Nokian Tyres summer tyre products are in the very high wet grip category. Nokian branded tyres achieved astonishing success in the independent magazine tests of the 2011–2012 season: they took first place in over half of all the tests. Issues related to personnel welfare and competence development are also comprehensively presented.

– Improving social responsibility issues and our activities is important to us. We can succeed and responsibly develop our activities despite the challenging international market situation. Profitable growth brings success and financial gain to our company, which in turn increases the welfare around us – for our investors and personnel alike, Kim Gran, President and CEO summarises.

The Corporate Sustainability Report is published in English at Nokian Tyre’s Nokia factory has been certified according to the EU’s Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) since 1997. The company has provided comprehensive information concerning the operation of the group in regular Environmental Reports pursuant to the EMAS programme. The new, more extensive Corporate Social Responsibility Report replaces the EMAS Environmental Report.

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