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Nokian Tyres takes part in Swedish Forestry Expo 1.–3. June 2023 in Solvalla, Stockholm

On the verge of summer, Swedish Forestry Expo is right around the corner. At our stand C18 we have on display a wide range of offerings from reliable all-season tires to specialized ones for the most demanding forestry work.

A dense forest is not a place you should venture unprepared. The tires must be sturdy and well-designed to prevent rim slipping. They need to offer great traction and, in many cases, good support for tracks and chains. On top of that, the timber must be harvested without harming the soil.

On display we have tires well-equipped to tackle any forestry challenge. From our ever-expanding catalogue, everyone should be able to find tires that suit their work the best.

With you in the forest

In forests the danger may come in the form of sharp rocks and tree stumps. It may be the deep slopes that demand some extra grip from your tires. For that we have a variety of Nokian Tyres Forest King tires. They all have great shielding against puncture damage. They all offer excellent traction to keep your vehicle moving safely, eco-friendly and steadily on uneven surfaces.

Nokian Tyres Forest King TRS 2+ for 6-wheel forwarders and harvesters is a prime example of a soil-friendly tire. With or without tracks, it offers superb traction, and due to its widest possible ground contact, it manages to do little to no harm to soil beneath.

Besides the Forest King product line, our forestry products range from Nokian Tyres TR Forest 2, a reliable traction tire that offers great grip and stability for light and medium-weight forestry tractors, all the way to the heavyweight class of Nokian Tyres Tractor King, which is an innovative tractor tire for the strongest tractors and demanding terrains in forestry, earthmoving and road construction.

Mid-range options worthy of attention

When in need of cost-efficient and reliable tires for most forestry work, Nokian Tyres Nordman Forest tires might well be the best bang for one’s buck. While not the top-of-the-line offering in our catalogue, they share most of their great properties with higher-end Forest King tires. With their excellent cut and puncture resistance, high load-bearing capacity and good wear resistance, they are ideal replacement tires for used forestry equipment.

Tires and wheels for tough transports

Nokian Tyres R-Truck product family consists of tires designed to work both on-road and off-road applications. That makes them perfect for timber transport, earthmoving and other applications where the tire must work comfortably on a variety of surfaces.

Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta Truck E2 and F2, also available at the expo, are heavy tires best suited for demanding winter conditions. With their exceptional grip on ice and traction on snow Hakkapeliitta Truck E2 and F2 are winter tires that can ease your stress when peace of mind is needed. They offer safe kilometers for transports, even when the roads are in poor shape.

While these tires may not be solely for forestry working, they are essential for carrying timber from the forest, on the road, to the destination efficiently and in time – even in midst of the harshest winter.

Finally, when it comes to forestry work of any kind, compromising the performance is never an option. That is why we have designed our advanced wheels to match the suitable tire perfectly. This combination of rugged wheels and premium tires maximizes the load-bearing capacity while minimizing the risk of wheel slippage.

Future of forestry work on display

We at Nokian Tyres have a great respect for the environment. And luckily, the harm that harvesting and forwarding does to soil is lessening day by day, thanks to advancing technology. For us, the joy of finding out what that technology can do is what keeps us innovating. On display now is a tire concept that should solve many of the future problems in forestry working.

“In the past years, we have been investing heavily in product development. Now it is truly a pleasure to show its results,” says Teemu Vainionpää, the Product Manager at Nokian Tyres.

“Safety, efficiency and especially soil protection are the key words of future forestry working,” adds Vainionpää. “And believe me, these tires will fly on soil, leaving the surface virtually untouched.”

Made and designed in Finland

All of our heavy tires and wheels have been designed and manufactured in Finland. They represent the finest quality of engineering and craftsmanship that we are proud to exhibit. Nokian Tyres is with you where the job is done.

We welcome you to meet our experts at Swedish Forestry Expo, 1.-3. June 2023 in Solvalla, Stockholm, Sweden, stand C18.

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