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Nokian Tyres Winter Range

Nokian WR winter tyres offer a virtuoso combination of safety and carefree driving pleasure. These environmentally friendly premium products perform reliably and without surprises in varying Central European weather conditions.

Nokian WR A4 is a premium winter tyre for sporty cars

Nokian WR A4 is a premium winter tyre for sporty cars combining high-performance handling and reliable winter grip. It offers balanced driving in rapidly changing weather conditions of the Central European winter. The Nokian WR A4 responds quickly and precisely to steering and maintains a comfortable noise level. The excellent handling and grip properties are based on several state-of-the-art innovations. It has extremely low rolling resistance, efficient fuel economy and low hazardous emissions.

  • Advanced winter grip on dry, wet and snow-covered roads
  • Functional Performance Siping
  • Extremely stable and balanced high-speed performance
  • Maximum comfort


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Nokian WR D4 is a grip champion whose unique innovations allow for safe and balanced driving on wet and snowy roads alike. It is the world’s first premium winter tyre that offers wet grip in the EU tyre label’s best A class. The new Nokian Block Optimized Siping and the Nokian Twin Trac Silica innovations offer controlled handling, firm grip and superior fuel efficiency.

  • Grip like never before on wet, dry and snow-covered roads alike
  • Extremely stable and balanced driving experience
  • Effective slushplaning and aquaplaning prevention
  • Rolls lightly, saving the environment and fuel


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Nokian WR D3, designed for the variable winter conditions of Central Europe, is a sound choice for small and mid-sized family cars and for motorists who value economical and safe driving. Preventing slushplaning was a key consideration in the design process: the slanting, staggered front edge of the tread blocks flings water and slush away from the tyre grooves. The tyre’s Cool Touch Design siping minimizes the friction and heat emission caused by unnecessary sipe movement. A lighter rolling tyre means lower fuel consumption and lower carbon dioxide emissions.

  • Reliable on wet, dry, and slushy roads
  • Effective aquaplaning and slushplaning prevention
  • Rolls lightly, protecting the environment and saving fuel


PHOTOS: Nokian WR A3 and Nokian D3

Nokian WR SUV 3 - Ultimate snow and slush performance

The world’s first AA-rated winter tyre Nokian WR SUV 3 (size 265/50 R19 V) is the world’s first winter tyre to receive the EU’s top A-grade tyre marking for wet grip and fuel economy. This genuine SUV winter tyre can reduce braking distances by up to 18 meters on wet roads and save fuel by up to 0.6 l/100 km. It features the Nokian Twin Trac SUV Silica rubber compound, tailored for heavy SUV use, and the Nokian Aramid Sidewall technology. They ensure that drivers can enjoy the industry’s finest snow and wet grip and fuel-efficiency as well as precise handling combined with excellent durability.

The high-performance SUV tyre Nokian WR SUV 3 feels at home in the varying European winter conditions, and it has excellent winter grip and driving response. The Nokian WR SUV 3 winter tyre resists effectively slushplaning and aquaplaning and reliably masters all of the surprises that winter has in store. It rolls lightly and retains its balance on snow, slush, and dry roads alike.

  • Prevents slushplaning and aquaplaning very effectively
  • Excellent handling on snowy as well as dry surfaces
  • Extreme grip on wet surfaces
  • Stable driving feel under all circumstances



Nokian WR C3 tackles the extremes of winter with its precise winter grip. This efficient roller is designed for versatile use on delivery vehicles and vans, and it drives safely, durably and lightly on the urban streets and country roads of Central Europe. In addition to the passenger car-like driving comfort and very low rolling resistance, Nokian WR C3 optimises the safety-enhancing handling properties on icy, snowy and wet roads.

  • Maximum winter safety and comfort
  • Precise and stable handling
  • Excellent durability, even with heavy loads


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Nokian Weatherproof - Beyond four seasons

Nokian Weatherproof tyres offer first-class safety, high performance and durability for year-round use. This new All-Weather tyre range combines reliable winter safety with the precise driving stability and firm handling of the Nokian winter tyres. All of the sizes have the Snowflake symbol (3PMSF), which indicates that the tyres have been officially approved for winter use. The lightly rolling Nokian Weatherproof tyres also reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Snowy roads

  • Stays flexible at low temperatures, providing a strong grip and precise braking on snow.

Wet roads

  • Effectively prevents slushplaning and aquaplaning and stops instantly on wet roads.

Dry roads

  • Extreme stability and grip, even at high speeds on dry roads.

Durability all year long

  • The tread compound works wonderfully along a wide range of temperatures and can withstand harsh wear even in hot summer weather.

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Nokian Weatherproof SUV

The comfortable and durable Nokian Weatherproof SUV offers excellent handling on snow, bare roads or even the ever-treacherous slush. The tread compound is tailored for more powerful SUV cars. Silent and fuel efficient in every season.

PHOTOS: Nokian Weatherproof SUV

Nokian Weatherproof C

The strong Nokian Weatherproof C manages its heavy wheel loads firmly and in a balanced manner. This high performance All-Weather tyre is exceptionally durable and has an even wear pattern. It performs very well in slush and snow. The Nokian Weatherproof C has different tread models for larger vehicles and lighter loads. The symmetrical, arrow-shaped tread pattern for delivery vehicles guarantees good grip on wet and snowy surfaces. For lighter vans, the customized asymmetrical tread pattern reduces risk of aquaplaning and enhances comfort.

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