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Notice of changes in ownership in compliance with article 10 of section 2 of the Securities Market Acts

Nokian Tyres has received an announcement from BlackRock, Inc. on 25 February, 2010, according to which the ownership of Black Rock Investment Management (UK) Limited increased above the level of 10% of the share capital in Nokian Tyres plc as a result of a share transaction concluded on 22 February, 2010. Black Rock Investment Management (UK) Limited holded on deal date a total of 12,565,454 Nokian Tyres’ shares representing 10,06% of company’s 124,851,390 shares and voting rights.

An increase in Nokian Tyres’ share capital relating to 2004C option rights totalling 367,004 euros was entered into the Trade Register on 25 February, 2010. After the increase, the number of shares rose to 126,686,410, and thus the ownership of Black Rock Investment Management (UK) Limited decreased below the level of 10% to 9.92% of shares and voting rights.

Nokian Tyres plc

Anssi Mäki
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