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Peace of mind for Central European summer: Nokian Tyres introduces new upgrades to its summer tire selection

Nokian Tyres is upgrading its Central European summer tire range for passenger cars, sport utility vehicles and crossovers. Nokian Tyres Powerproof 1 offers stability and control for high speeds, while Nokian Tyres Wetproof 1 provides excellent wet braking abilities and powerful aquaplaning resistance. Both products are equipped with the familiar Dual Zone Safety technology. 

For decades, Nokian Tyres has been safeguarding people’s lives by empowering safer and smarter driving experiences. This ambition is based on products that are designed to offer reliability and peace of mind on the road. The weather during summer months can vary from sunny and hot temperatures to abrupt rain showers and the forecast can change unexpectedly. These circumstances call for tires that are able to adapt and will always provide a safe and reliable driving experience. 

- Our expertise in challenging driving conditions and continuous product development are the foundation of the improved safety features the upgraded summer selection offers, says Tommi Alhola, Vice President of Passenger Car Tyres, Central Europe for Nokian Tyres. 

European drivers especially value good wet grip and driving stability, while owners of sporty vehicles look for safety under extreme conditions. The ultra-high performance tire Nokian Tyres Powerproof 1 exudes an air of quality and ease of driving. The extremely stable handling and logical control of Powerproof 1 offer high-performance vehicles the important feeling of precision and control. Nokian Tyres Wetproof 1 is a perfect combination of maximum comfort and extreme safety. As the name suggests, Wetproof 1 is a furious wet performer offering impeccable safety on rainy days and added comfort for poor road conditions. This light rolling tire also offers energy savings and improved mileage. 

- Historically, summer season has been dominant in Central European tire business. While the all-season segment has taken some market share, summer tires have kept their position as the largest segment. The most evident change within the segment is the increasing volume of bigger rim sizes. Nokian Tyres’ new summer lineup reflects this change by offering more than 90% coverage of market sizes, Alhola adds. 

The upgraded summer selection offers sizes for modern passenger cars, SUVs and CUV’s with a selection of 99 products from 15 to 20 inches, with speed ratings of T (190 km/h), H (210 km/h) V (240 km/h) W (270 km/h) and Y (300 km/h). The new products will be available for consumers for the summer season 2024. 

Nokian Tyres Powerproof 1 – precise handling, enjoyable driving feel 

Nokian Tyres Powerproof 1 is the prime example of Nokian Tyres’ summer tire excellence. The extremely stable handling and logical steering offer peace of mind for high-speed driving. The sporty and appealing Powerproof 1 also effortlessly prevents aquaplaning. 
The Dual Zone Safety concept ensures that the contact surface of the Nokian Tyres Powerproof 1 remains precise and exact, no matter the weather. The Dual Zone Safety concept consists of two functional zones. The Power Zone on the tire’s outer shoulder ensures precise handling, while the Wet Safety Zone on the inside maximizes safety on wet roads.  

The tire tread is developed for demanding use at higher speeds, while the new Power Sense compound improves wet grip, reduces rolling resistance, and increases the service life of the tire by adding wear resistance. 

Nokian Tyres Powerproof 1 – Peace of mind for tighter turns

  • Precise and predictable high-speed handling

  • Maximum grip on wet and dry surfaces 

  • Shorter braking distance 

  • Stable driving feel

Nokian Tyres Wetproof 1 – maximum comfort, supreme wet performance 

Nokian Tyres Wetproof 1 is a summer tire with the perfect combination of maximum comfort and extreme safety. It offers steady performance on rainy days and added comfort for poor road conditions. The tire’s most important features are excellent wet braking abilities and powerful aquaplaning resistance, which makes driving easy and comfortable even in rainy days.  

To provide maximum comfort and first-class safety, the tread area of the tire is divided into two functional zones. The Dual Zone Safety concept offers an excellent combination of dry and wet performance. The Stability Zone is on the outside of the tire and makes maneuvering easy and confident by offering good stability and handling properties, while the Wet Safety Zone on the inside improves the wet grip and aquaplaning resistance.  

The Aqua Sense compound offers added safety for rainy weather. This new compound mix provides excellent wet grip, low rolling resistance and excellent mileage. The improved wear resistance of Wetproof 1 means more kilometers and service life for the tire, while low rolling brings savings in energy costs. 

Nokian Tyres Wetproof 1 - Peace of mind for rainy days 

  • Exceptional safety on wet roads 

  • Excellent mileage 

  • Comfortable driving feel  

  • Low rolling resistance saves energy and environment  

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Nokian Tyres Wetproof 1 

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