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Peace of mind for wintry ways with premium tires by Nokian Tyres

With the coming autumn, most drivers are about to change to winter tires. In many European countries, this obligation is even established by legislation. The world´s northernmost tire manufacture offers a wide range of winter tires that perfectly suit to ever changing Central European weather. In September 2020 Nokian Tyres introduced the newest member of its tire family – the Nokian Seasonproof and Nokian Seasonproof SUV, all-season tires that complement its high-quality winter tire range.

“Being the inventor of the world's first winter tire, the Nordic premium tire manufacturer Nokian Tyres is always a guarantee of the right choice of quality tires,” says Martin Dražík, an expert and Product Manager for Central Europe in Nokian Tyres.

The new passenger car winter tire Nokian Snowproof was ranked as the best among Central European winter tires in this year's test by the Swedish magazine Teknikens Värld. Thanks to a combination of superior snow and ice grip and excellent properties on a dry surface, it was awarded the "Best in test" mark. The exceptional safety of this tire in winter conditions allows for a carefree ride even with unexpected snowfall and changing lanes on slush. Thanks to the new Alpine Sense Grip by Nokian Tyres, the tire can handle all the challenges of winter weather and offers predictable and balanced reactions be it in the city, on high-speed motorways or on picturesque mountain roads.

For high performance sporty cars, Nokian Tyres has the unique Nokian Snowproof P UHP tire. It is a sporty and modern combination of high-performance handling and reliable winter grip – just what you need in sudden lane changes and slushy side roads. Nokian Tyres’ new Alpine Performance concept ensures first-class safety for daily driving with advanced traction, shorter stopping distances and safety through corners. Two-time Formula 1 World Champion Mika Häkkinen was involved in developing this unique tire as well.

"The tire works reliably both at high and low speeds on slippery roads. You can enjoy precise and easy handling even at the extremes. Whatever the winter might throw at you, Nokian Snowproof P gives you great driving confidence, which in turn offers safety and smooth driving," Häkkinen says.

Winter safety for SUV and crossover owners as well

Powerful winter SUV tires must be strong and solid enough to keep the tall, heavy vehicles stable even at high speeds or in poor road conditions. Thanks to the unique Alpine Sense Grip, the Nokian WR SUV 4 stands for excellent grip on snow, slush and wet. The extremely strong aramid fibers strengthen the tire’s sidewalls providing more durability and protection for demanding driving situations. The Nokian WR SUV 4 scored the first shared place in the 2020 winter tire test by the German Off Road magazine. The tire is praised for its great handling on ice and snow as well as for its great braking performance on dry winter roads.

 Practical solution for mild winter conditions

In places with mild winters, the drivers might decide to use all-season tires. In September Nokian Tyres introduced the Nokian Seasonproof and Nokian Seasonproof SUV tire series aimed for Central European weather. It is an entirely new generation of tires with the innovative Season Sense rubber compound. This new concept is made specially for all-season use to ensure the driving is safe on rainy days and slushy streets, but also comfortable and precise on dry roads during summer heat. Other superior qualities include excellent wear life, extreme durability, and low rolling resistance. Moreover, SUV tires are also equipped with the Aramid Sidewall technology. All the sizes come with the Snowflake symbol (3PMSF), which indicates that the tire has been officially approved for winter use.

Tips for changing tires

  • Check the condition of your winter tires - look for visible damages on the tread pattern and sidewalls, improperly stored tires may have such kind of defects and not be suitable for further usage.
  • Check the tread depth - the remaining tread depth on winter tires should be at least 4 mm, worn tires with the depth under the 4 millimeters can increase the risk of aquaplaning and have a worse grip and longer braking distance.
  • Nokian Tyres winter tires have the Driving Safety Indicator (DSI) that allows the quick check of the tire´s condition and safety. The numbers indicate the depth of the main grooves in millimeters, the snowflake symbol remains visible until the groove depth is 4 mm.
  • Check the age of your tires – find the DOT code on the sidewalls of your tires, last four digits indicate the week and year of manufacture. For example, if the DOT code is 1319 – the tire was manufactured in week 13 of 2019. Tires should not be older than six years.
  • Choose the right size of your tires - always check your vehicle's registration for the recommended tire size. Or you can ask experts in your tire outlet to choose the right size for you according to your car manufacturer´s specification.
  • You should set your winter tires to the correct pressure before changing the tires. Winter tires should be inflated 0.2 bar higher than summer tires.

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