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Release February 6, 2007

Reliable winter driving: The new Nokian WR C tyres

perform perfectly even in the most demanding weather

Nokian Tyres has developed a new C tyre family to meet the winter driving needs of van and cargo vehicle drivers in Central Europe. The Nokian WR C was carefully designed according to the purpose and to meet the needs of users. The Nokian WR C Van for light fleets is suitable for use on vans, for example. The Nokian WR C Cargo is designed for heavy professional driving, such as the transportation of heavy loads and components.

Professional drivers expect C tyres to be versatile. The tyres have to be durable, perform reliably and be as pleasant as possible to drive. During the winter, the expectations and demands increase. Then the vehicle’s active safety equipment, the tyres, is expected to provide outstanding grip and the ability to adapt to changing conditions. During a long workday, the driver may experience the extremes of winter, ranging from dry weather to violent snowstorms. Using proper, good winter tyres, he/she can drive safely even in the nastiest of conditions.

Nokian WR C Van

Outstanding winter grip combined with driving comfort

The tread pattern on the van version for light fleets is asymmetrical. Each shoulder has its own purpose. The rounded inner shoulder ensures that the tyre is pleasant to drive on bare roads. The tyre rolls straight and accurately without drifting into the ruts on the road. The sharp outer shoulder maximises lateral grip, particularly in difficult winter conditions. The tyre rolls steadily in all winter weather and steers precisely and reliably in curves.

On slippery roads and in changing conditions the self-locking siping ensures good grip. The siping is located in the longitudinal rib on the central part of the tyre. The self-locking siping works by locking into a rigid support as surface pressure increases, thus preventing lateral movement. The tyre rolls straight and with good longitudinal stability. The tyre also retains its excellent driving properties even at high speeds and with heavy loads.

The tread compound of the Nokian WR C Van is adapted for the conditions and demands of the Central European climate. The compound ensures excellent wet grip and a reliable driving result. The Nokian WR C Van wears evenly and is durable without losing its safety or driving comfort features.

Like all Nokian-branded products, the new van tyre is manufactured without harmful high-aromatic oils. The pleasant quiet driving noise adds to the environmental friendliness of Nokian WR C Van.

Nokian WR C Cargo

Stable, durable and reliable safety equipment for professional driving

The Nokian WR C Cargo can best be described with the following adjectives: stable, durable and reliable. This novelty has a symmetrical, arrow-shaped tread pattern with a block structure. The central area of the sound and harmonic tread is very sturdy. The firm and fairly enclosed central rib makes the tyre particularly suitable for vehicles with rear-wheel drive that require excellent traction and grip. The tread of the Cargo version is also outstanding for use on heavy driving vehicles with twin wheels on the rear axle.

Straight and bent sipes alternate in the pattern blocks on the tyre’s shoulders. This C-sipe optimises tyre grip, ensures even wear and improves driving stability. When the load is heavy, the outstanding driving stability of the Nokian WR C Cargo is positively accentuated.

The arrow-shaped tread means that the tyre cleans easily. Snow or slush is pushed out of the tyre effectively. The patterns remain open and ensure good grip.

The Nokian WR C Cargo is manufactured using purified, low-aromatic oils. The tread compound is adapted for optimal performance in the changing winter conditions of Central Europe.

Sales of the new Nokian WR C tyres will begin in tyre outlets in autumn 2007. The range includes the most commonly used van and cargo tyre sizes in Central Europe.

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