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Safe and economical all-weather kilometers for medium-sized trucks – Nokian E-Truck 19.5 tire sizes complement the Nokian E-Truck range

The Nokian E-Truck range of truck tires strike an excellent balance between economical, care-free kilometers and exceptionally good all-weather properties. The latest addition to the range is sizes for medium-sized trucks. The new 19.5 size complements the tire range, enabling medium-duty trucks in the 12–16-ton range to benefit from their readiness for every season.

Regional and urban pickup and delivery traffic presents its own special challenges for tires. Maneuvering the tight corners and cramped courtyards in the city calls for precise handling properties. The suburban byways can get slippery and snowy during the winter. And all the time there is the chafing of asphalt, trying to wear out your tires prematurely.

“The bigger Nokian E-Truck tires already have robust tread pattern designs that offer an impressive service life”, says Teppo Siltanen, Product Manager at Nokian Tyres. “With the new 19.5 tire sizes, we developed them even further and combined the latest in tread pattern design with special, abrasion-resistant rubber compound.”

From city streets to suburbs

The new Nokian E-Truck Steer 19.5 and Nokian E-Truck Drive 19.5 truck tires are designed to give their best performance in local transports and on city streets. What’s more, they complement the Nokian E-Truck tire range, which now stretches from heavy truck sizes to smaller commercial vehicles.

“With the 17.5-sized truck tires released earlier this year, we can add value to our customers by offering a comprehensive range of tires”, says Teppo Siltanen. “Now their entire fleet can have tires with similar good properties.”

The all-weather advantage

Besides their long service life, all the Nokian E-Truck tires excel in their readiness for different weather conditions.

“We have a long tradition in achieving good winter properties without compromising service life or driving accuracy”, Teppo Siltanen says. “All of the Nokian E-Truck series of tires have the 3PMSF marking, which means no weather will slow you down.” 

For steer axle

Nokian E-Truck Steer 19.5 tire is a stable and reliable front tire for medium size delivery trucks, offering good handling properties with its sturdy tread pattern. For a long, trouble-free service life it boasts an even wear-pattern, and the special zigzag-shaped wide grooves effectively reduce stone trapping​.

For drive axle

Nokian E-Truck Drive 19.5 tire is designed for all-year use in demanding urban and regional traffic. For grip and confident handling in in all circumstances, it features a dense block pattern made of special rubber compound and an open center tread with semi-open shoulder design. Optimized tread block staggering provides driving stability for safe, comfortable ride.

Ready for the future

The commercial trucks are constantly evolving. The markets as well as legislation demand for

quiet, agile, low-emission transports, and electric delivery trucks are on their way.

“The urban and regional traffic is shifting towards lighter, quieter and less polluting vehicles, and it’s a good thing”, Teppo Siltanen says. “That enables more flexible traffic and cleaner air – so Nokian Tyres wants to offer tires that speed up the change!”


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Teppo Siltanen, Product Manager TBR, Nokian Heavy Tyres Ltd
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