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Nokian Tyres plc Stock Exchange Release 7 May 2013 at 11 a.m.

Share subscription price and market value of Nokian Tyres plc stock options 2013A

The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders decided on 11 April 2013 on issue of stock options to the Nokian Tyres Group personnel and to a fully owned subsidiary of the Company. The share subscription price for stock option 2013A is EUR 32.26 per share (the trade volume weighted average quotation of the share on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd. during 1 January–30 April 2013). Each year dividends and equity returns will be deducted from the share subscription price.

A total of 1,150,000 new shares or existing shares held by the Company can be subscribed for with stock options 2013A. The share subscription period for stock options 2013A will be 1 May 2015–31 May 2017.

The theoretical market value of one stock option 2013A is EUR 8.20. The theoretical market value of the stock options 2013A is EUR 9,430,000 in total. The theoretical market value of one stock option has been calculated through the use of Black & Scholes stock option pricing model with the following input factors: share price EUR 32.00, share subscription price EUR 32.26, risk free interest rate 0.35%, validity of stock options four years and volatility 32%.

The terms and conditions of the Stock Options 2013 are available on the Company’s internet pages www.nokiantyres.com.

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