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Special needs, special tires – Nokian Tyres extends its truck and bus range with three new products

Even in these days of global road transports, the choice of tires still varies from country to country. Different road conditions, legislation and vehicles make sure that one tire never fits all. To serve as many professional drivers as possible, Nokian Tyres has extended its truck tire selection with three new tire sizes, each answering a specific need.

While the wide Super Single trailer wheels are popular in many countries, the heaviest truck trailers need dual wheels. For example, in the Nordic countries the heaviest allowed truck trailers tip the scales at 76 tons. For these heavyweights, Nokian Tyres offers the new Nokian Tyres Hakka Truck Trailer tire in size 275/70R22.5.

Nokian Tyres Hakka Truck Trailer

“We introduced the Nokian Tyres Hakka Truck Trailer range in the summer of 2021”, says Teppo Siltanen, Product Manager at Nokian Tyres. “The reception has been very positive among people who transport dangerous goods, liquids or bulk in the most challenging road and weather conditions.

The new tire size is meant for dual configuration in the heaviest truck trailers. Its impressive service life, smooth rolling and excellent grip continues the tradition of safe, sustainable and economical mileage offered by the Nokian Tyres Hakka Truck range of premium tires.

“The new Nokian Tyres Hakka Truck Trailer tire replaces the previous Nokian Tyres Hakka 844+ tires”, Teppo Siltanen adds.


Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta E2

Another new tire size 275/70R22.5 is aimed mainly for Nordic and Alpine regions – wherever the road conditions may suddenly get extreme.

“The new Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta E2 is a drive axle tire for extreme winter conditions, such as in Norway and Alpine region” says Teppo Siltanen. “Anyone who has been watching the TV shows about rescue teams on icy roads knows what I mean – the cargo must get there even when the winter hits hard.”

Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta E2 is the flagship winter truck tire for drive axle by Nokian Tyres. It reduces the need for chains as it offers the next-generation grip, longevity, durability and a low rolling resistance.


Nokian Tyres E-Truck Trailer XL

The Nokian Tyres E-Truck product line is designed with a safe, economical mileage on Central European roads in mind – although it is popular also in the less severe Nordic conditions. Now there is a new XL model that offers excellent load-bearing capacity for Super Single truck trailers.

“The new Nokian Tyres E-Truck Trailer XL tire size 385/65R22.5 enables an axle load of up to 10 tons”, Teppo Siltanen says. “This means more efficient transports with bigger loads.”


Ready for retreading

A notable feature with many commercial tires by Nokian Tyres is the availability of a compatible Noktop retreads. With their identical tread pattern and highly controlled curing process, the retreaded Noktop tires offer properties that are very close to the original tire. Noktop retreads are available for all Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta E2 and Nokian Tyres Hakka Truck Trailer tire sizes as well as for other most common tire sizes.


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