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Strong slush planing protection and
lower fuel consumption with the
green Nokian WR G2 and
Nokian WR G2 SUV

Further improvements: shorter braking distance on wet road, higher aquaplaning protection and firmer snow grip

Three new sizes

The green high-performance winter tyre Nokian WR G2 from Finland, which protects safely against slush planing, starts with important improvements in this season. Lower fuel consumption by lower rolling resistance, shorter braking distance on wet road, stronger aquaplaning protection and better snow grip are its benefits, the leading winter tyre manufacturer communicates. Furthermore the slush specialist has a lower tread wear. The optimization could be achieved by progressive rubber compounds and contact shape enlargement. Additionally there are three new sizes of the eco tyre in 15 and 16 inches available. The range of the Nokian WR G2 is the largest on the winter tyre market with 67 sizes from 14 inches of the speed index T to 20 inches W-tyres with 270 km/h maximum speed.

For SUVs there is a special version: the Nokian WR G2 SUV, also slush specialist. This environmentally friendly winter tyre drives safely in all weather, on wet, dry, slushy, icy road, the Finns characterise its strengths. It has a ten per cent lower rolling resistance in comparison to most premium competitors, measurements of the manufacturer show. 28 dimensions from 15 to 22 inches are available.

In order to save fuel effectively, car drivers should always drive with the right air pressure. Then they can save 0.3 to 0.5 litres of fuel per 100 kilometres with a tyre with low rolling resistance, Nokian calculates. If you have too low tyre pressure, the rolling resistance is bigger, as the tyre changes its shape too much. Furthermore it is more difficult in extreme situations to control the car and it is dangerous. When you drive with the right pressure, you save money and do something good for the environment. Check the pressure of your tyres! The correct pressure guarantees that the tyre rolls and steers easily. It also reduces fuel consumption and hazardous emissions.

Carefully check the condition of your winter tyres before fitting them. Ensure that there are no cracks, cuts or bulges on the sidewalls. The recommended depth of the main grooves is at least 4 – 5 millimetres.

Slush planing is very dangerous, as the tyres loose the contact with the road and you can not steer the car anymore. On slush or snow the risk of deadly accidents is 6.9 times higher than on free roads, a study of Tampere University of Technology proves.

The superior slush grip of the Nokian WR G2 is based on the latest innovations: slush edge, non-symmetrical tread pattern and polished grooves, according to the supplier. This slush edge and the polished grooves effectively push the slush to the side. Good driving behaviour on slush is the most important for 95 per cent of car drivers, shows the result of a representative study, as slushy snow brings danger and happens very often.

Additionally the WR G2 of Nokian scores at once with seven innovations: slush edge, wipe sipe, power on/off stabilizer, 3D self-locking siping, silica-canola oil compound, non-symmetrical tread pattern and polished grooves. The slush edge removes heavy slush masses, the wipe sipes wipe the water off the street during braking, and the power on/off stabilizer improves the safety during fast acceleration. The rubber compound is produced without cancer causing high-aromatic oils but with natural canola oil and silica. A snowflake symbol at the bottom of the groove warns about a too low groove depth.

The Nokian WR G2 shows excellent handling on snowy roads and bare asphalt as well as strong grip on wet roads. Even at high speeds the Finn runs very safely. This is not a miracle: Nokian produces the fastest winter tyre in the world with 321 km/h – world record on normal road tyres! The perfect combination of high safety and cost saving environmental friendliness has become true with this eco tyre, the Nordic winter tyre specialist says.

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