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The best can be improved – the new Nokian Hakkapeliitta Truck E2 tire and Noktop Hakkapeliitta E2 retread raise winter grip, comfort and safety to a new level

With close to a million units sold, the Nokian Hakkapeliitta Truck E tires and compatible Noktop Hakkapeliitta E retreading materials have been a benchmark for extreme winter traction tire for over a decade. While the grip, safety and comfort of the original Nokian Hakkapeliitta Truck E is still hard to beat, the new demands set by changing work, trucks and legislation call for an improved version. The Nokian Hakkapeliitta Truck E2 is a true next-generation drive axle tire for extreme winter conditions, combining grip and safety with a low rolling resistance and quiet, comfortable ride.

Working in extreme winter conditions calls for extreme tires. Jobs such as snow plowing, timber transports and the like often take place on deep or packed snow and ice, and on rough roads. Featuring a suitable tire for all axle positions, the Nokian Hakkapeliitta Truck product series represents the peak of Nokian Tyres’ winter know-how for trucks and buses. The Nokian Hakkapeliitta Truck E drive axle tire was designed for the most extreme demands, minimizing the need for chains on the winding forest roads – hence the letter E. Now the new Nokian Hakkapeliitta Truck E2 tire builds on the tradition of excellence, improving on many fields.

“Compared to its predecessor, Nokian Hakkapeliitta Truck E2 has better stability as well as grip in both deep and packed snow”, says Mr. Teppo Siltanen, Product Manager at Nokian Tyres. “Also, the grip lasts longer, thanks to some clever tread pattern features.”

For a driver on wintry roads, these improvements mean more confidence on every weather, more comfortable working days with less need for chains as well as more safety and peace of mind.

The innovations behind the grip

A lot of engineering and innovation goes into each new Nokian Tyres product. The Nokian Hakkapeliitta Truck E2 engineering highlights include peg siping that enables deeper reach, better worn grip and less tearing damage. Connected-block system brings consistent rigidity and even wear pattern, while the open center tread design and extra deep-reaching center sipes improve the tire service life.

Making the winter green

Besides the improved grip and longevity, the Nokian Hakkapeliitta E2 winter tire also helps to save fuel and produce less noise.

“Often, good grip and a low rolling resistance are seen as two opposing qualities”, Siltanen says. “But we have managed to reduce the tire noise and rolling resistance while improving the grip as well, which is good news as the legislation governing noise and fuel consumption is also getting tighter.”

Getting the most out of winter

The test drivers have been enthusiastic about the new tire. Mr. Christian Embre clears the steep roads of snow in Hemsedal, Norway. “The traction was good, and I did not need much snow chains with this tire”, he says. “I recommend this tire to those who work on steep winter roads or with snow-plowing.”

Mr. Heikki Lepo transports timber in Orivesi, Finland. “I like the Nokian Hakkapeliitta Truck E2 tire as it’s not too sensitive to tracks and during the winter it provides good traction”, he says. “This is very durable tire and silent on roads, which adds to the driving pleasure”, Lepo adds.

Sustainably for the second round

Retreading truck tires makes sense – both economically and for the planet. The sturdy Nokian Hakkapeliitta Truck E2 tire carcass has been designed with one or even two retreads in mind. The compatible Noktop Hakkapeliitta Truck E2 retreading material with quality Noktop retreading process make sure the tire properties are as good as the original in the second round as well.

Sizes and availability

Nokian Hakkapeliitta Truck E2 tire will be available in Q3/2020 in sizes 295/80R22.5, 315/80R22.5 and 315/70R22.5. The compatible retreading material, Nokian Noktop Hakkapeliitta E2, will be available in Q2/2020 with tread widths covering the most common tire sizes.

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Toni Silfverberg, Head of Sales & Marketing, Nokian Heavy Tyres Ltd

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Teppo Siltanen, Product Manager TBR, Nokian Heavy Tyres Ltd
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