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The first winter contracting tyre for tractors – in the world:

Nokian Hakkapeliitta TRI – superior traction and winter grip

This spring, Nokian Heavy Tyres, the specialist in most demanding environments, is introducing a new winter contracting tyre for winter road maintenance and snow clearing. Nokian Hakkapeliitta TRI introduces totally new technologies and user benefits to the market of winter contracting and snow clearing. Another first from the inventor of winter tyres. Revolutionary tread design, tread block siping with siping activators and specially designed winter tread compound ensure that the user has superior traction and the best possible handling without compromising the economy of use.

In the first phase the size selection covers 6 sizes (3 pairs) coming at Q4/2014 with addition of 3 sizes coming in Q1/2015. These sizes are matched with the equipment which is commonly used in snowy areas for winter road maintenance. Key markets for this new addition to Nokian Hakkapeliitta series of winter tyres are the snow areas globally, mainly focusing to Nordic countries, the alpine region in central-Europe and North-America. 

Superior traction and winter grip

Working closely with the Nokian network of end users revealed couple years ago that there is a need for more specialized tyre for winter use for tractors. Nokian is known for its knowledge in winter conditions which can be clearly seen in passenger car tyres from multiple test victories where Hakkapeliitta is established benchmark for winter traction. Now Hakkapeliitta series is expanding to heavier machines and bringing solution to winter tractor contracting.

Nokian Hakkapeliitta ® TRI is a specialized new product of Nokian TRI family which is established name in the market for contracting use special tyre. Nokian TRI2 will stay in portfolio and it will be the choice for all-year use. Nokian Hakkapeliitta TRI is the winter specialist of the Nokian TRI family.

Nokian Hakkapeliitta TRI test results speak for themselves. Compared to already high traction levels of the TRI2 the Hakkapeliitta TRI has +25% more grip on ice and +23% more grip on snow. This significant improvement has been proven by extensive field testing from real end users. 

  • During our market study our customers raised three main points for development: winter grip, handling & comfort and economy of use. These have been our key drivers during the whole project and I’m pleased with the result. Nokian Hakkapeliitta TRI has a tread design which is optimal for driving on ice, snow or slush. You have to remember that these people who are using these tyres are on the road before anyone else and they are driving in worst possible conditions. In those conditions you need all the grip and handling you can get, says Tero Saari, Project Manager of the Hakkapeliitta TRI.

The grip on snow comes from the edges 

The Hakkapeliitta TRI has very big amount of gripping edges both in rolling and lateral direction. It is the worlds’ first tractor tyre with siping. Siped blocks are equipped with siping activators which help to get all the grip you can get. Hakkapeliitta TRI also has improved lateral grip due to redesigned tread pattern with more edges in that direction too. The siping is diagonal towards driving direction and it has steps which give additional edges in both traction and lateral direction.

If even more grip is needed, that can be achieved by studding the tyre. Hakkapeliitta TRI has predefined stud positions and it can be done later if the use environment demands it. 

Driving comfort on class of its own

Being a pioneer in special tyres means that you get the latest innovations in use. Nokian Hakkapeliitta TRI utilises low vibration design known from passenger and truck tyres – first in the world in tractor tyres. Hakkapeliitta TRI has so called pitch length variation which ensures more comfortable driving experience and lower noise levels.

An illustration of how the pitch length variation is taken into account in design 

  • The contractors are spending a lot of time in the cockpit of the machine especially in the winter maintenance season, up to 16 hours / day. Based on our market study the market needs more comfortable working environment, and this product is our answer to that call. Results from our field tests have shown that the Hakkapeliitta TRI is not only quiet but also very comfortable to drive, says Saari. 

Economy of use

The tread compound of Nokian Hakkapeliitta TRI is totally new. Like the word “Hakkapeliitta” states, it has superior winter properties. Nokian Heavy Tyres R&D developed this compound especially to suit winter contracting work without compromising wear rate.

Rolling resistance is one important factor what comes to fuel consumption. The Hakkapeliitta TRI compared to industry leader, Nokian TRI2, has 5% lower rolling resistance. The exemplary green nature of the new product means further reductions to fuel consumption and harmful vehicle emissions.

Nokian Hakkapeliitta TRI – Innovations to beat the winter 

  • Superior traction and winter grip
  • Driving comfort and handling on class of its own
  • Great economy of use 

Main innovations: 

More gripping edges. Revolutionary and unique tread pattern improves grip on snow, ice and slush. Tread block siping with siping activators. Predefined stud positions. Diagonal sipes with steps in traction and lateral direction increase the amount of gripping edges and give better handling experience. 

Low vibration design. Worlds’ first tractor contracting tyre that utilizes pitch length variation in tread design. Comfortable and quiet. 

Unique, Northproof compound. Specially designed for tractor contracting and winter conditions. Excellent properties developed for low temperatures. The tread compound remains flexible under all conditions. The sipes on the tread blocks work actively regardless of variations in grip level and temperature. 

Low rolling resistance. Hakkapeliitta TRI has 5% lower rolling resistance than industry leader Nokian TRI2. Reduction in fuel consumption and harmful vehicle emissions.


Nokian Hakkapeliitta TRI – Innovations to beat the winter

The world’s first winter tyre in 1934

Hakkapeliitta winter tyres:   

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