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The improved durability of the versatile Nokian Country King agricultural tyre enables an additional season of use

The durability of the stable Nokian Country King special tyre, especially designed for year-round machine contracting, has been maximised with a new rubber compound. As a result of careful product development work, the flotation radial tyre, which moves easily both on roads and fields, is up to 20% more wear resistant than before. In addition, the block-patterned special tyre now has better puncture and cut resistance, which is required for demanding and varying trailer use.

– For contractors on many agricultural sites, this means the addition of up to a whole season of use to the current driving result and improved reliability in tough and consuming transition driving on varying surfaces. Less tyre damage means more efficient working hours. You will also find other top qualities of the Nokian Country King, such as reliable grip, very low rolling resistance and excellent driving comfort, says Martti Päivinen, Product Development Manager for Nokian Heavy Tyres.

The fuel-saving Nokian Country King is an excellent choice for large agricultural machines and trailers when moving more on roads than on fields. The heavy machines and loads featured in these tasks require tyres that have good load-bearing properties and function reliably. When the load amount increases, the tyre’s contact area expands, which improves its carrying capacity. Thanks to the sturdy structure, the trailer will not sway or move during loading. The reinforced steel-belt structure of this modern radial tyre endures and carries the load both on rocky fields and on soft sand. The low noise and excellent driving comfort are valuable properties for contractors working long hours.

The tread pattern flares at the shoulder, so the tyre cleans quickly and easily. The Driving Safety Indicator (DSI) indicates the remaining groove depth. The tyre’s speed category is D (65 km/h). Low rolling resistance decreases fuel consumption, which makes the tyre an economical and environmentally friendly partner. All Nokian Country King special tyres currently on sale have been manufactured with the new rubber compound.

In its line of business, Nokian Heavy Tyres is known as a pioneer in environmental affairs. The company was the first in the world to abandon harmful HA oils in its production. The Nokian Country King has also been manufactured using only purified, low-aromatic oils.

Nokian Country King - Sturdy and versatile flotation radial tyre

  • High load-bearing capacity, sturdy and comfortable driving
  • Low rolling resistance reduces fuel consumption
  • Cleans quickly and easily

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Jarkko Heinämäki, Product Manager
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