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The new Nokian Forest King F is the world’s strongest forest tyre

Nokian Heavy Tyres introduces the world’s strongest forestry tyre customised for CTL (cut-to-length) harvesters. Nokian Forest King F 710/45-26.5, a revolutionary, sturdy cross-ply novelty from the pioneer in forestry tyres, offers the best available reliability and load-bearing capacity for modern harvesters and forwarders.

The Ply Rate (PR) describes the durability of this special tyre, tailored for demanding forest use, is 24. Forestry tyres currently available on the market typically have a PR figure of 16 or 20. The load-bearing capacity of this stable, unparalleled first-class product has increased by more than one tonne, from 6,900 kg (Nokian Forest King F 20 PR) to 8,000 kg (the new Nokian Forest King F 24 PR).

In six- and eight-wheeled forestry machines, this increase in load-bearing capacity corresponds to some 4 cubic metres of pinewood harvested in the summer. Thanks to increased reliability, full loads can also be safely transported despite of the tree species or humidity of the wood.

“The efficiency requirements of modern forestry tyres have increased year by year. In addition to environmental friendliness, machine manufacturers and contractors are looking for products that feature high quality and increasingly better load-bearing capacity and traction. Our new, carefully developed, ultra-strong material solutions enable a durable structure, higher operating pressure and first-class load-bearing capacity. The new Nokian Forest King F is the best of its class, offering all the desired features, ensuring reliability and making harvesting easier than ever before,” says Martti Päivinen, Product Development Manager at Nokian Heavy Tyres.

Safe and efficient working hours

Featuring excellent grip, the Nokian Forest King F is one of the world’s best-selling forestry tyres. The lightly and effortlessly moving first-rate product performs its job efficiently, showing respect for the environment.

The wide tread, strong at the shoulders, provides forest machine contractors with many safe working hours in a variety of harvesting tasks. Thanks to the wide tread, the tyre’s contact area is larger, which lowers the surface pressure. The big contact area and low surface pressure ensure that the Nokian Forest King F treats growing trees and sensitive undergrowth softly.

The straight sidewalls efficiently prevent damage to the sides. The groove profile, which deepens on the shoulder, and the straight tyre sidewall work together to increase the tyre’s superb cleaning properties and durability.

The design of this extremely reliable tyre supports the position of tracks and chains, ensuring that they fit optimally on the tyre. Tracks stay well in place and work excellently in wet conditions, where grip is poor.

Market leader and front-runner in forestry tyres

Nokian Heavy Tyres is the global market leader in forestry tyres. The company has designed special tyres for forestry machines that use the CTL (cut-to-length) method, developed in the Nordic countries, since the 1960s. Its product range includes tyres for cut-to-length (CTL) as well as full-tree (FT) machines, such as skidders. Popular top-of-the-range products include the Nokian Forest Rider, the world’s most advanced forestry tyre, and the Nokian Forest King F, which offers excellent reliability. The range also includes special tyres for tractors used partly or mainly in the forest. Nokian Tyres products are known for their extremely high quality that guarantees a long service life and reliable functionality for a variety of uses and conditions.

All products feature high quality and durability, as well as innovative solutions developed as the result of research and development, conducted in close cooperation with customers. Nokian Heavy Tyres is known for its professional, flexible service – the best in its field.

Front-runner in environmental matters

Nokian Heavy Tyres is a pioneering tyre manufacturer in environmental matters. It was the first tyre company in the world to abandon harmful oils in its production processes and to use only purified oils.

Environmental friendliness is a key principle in our R&D philosophy. The rubber compounds, treads and structures of special tyres withstand wear and tear, which, from the users’ point of view, translates into many operating hours and functionality. The lightly rolling tyres also reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. Continued reduction of tyre vibration and noise is another challenge for product development.

Nokian Heavy Tyres Ltd is part of the Nokian Tyres Group. The company’s product range includes forestry tyres, special tyres for agricultural machinery and a variety of industrial machinery tyres used in, for example, harbours and terminals, underground mines, earthmoving and road maintenance.

The new Nokian Forest King F – the world’s strongest forestry tyre

Size: 710/45-26.5
PR (Ply Rate): 24
Load capacity: 10 km/h / 8,000 kg (forestry use)

Nokian Forest King F – stable and sturdy in demanding forestry use

  • Balanced shape, very stable in use, designed for CTL machinery
  • Durable straight sides and tread pattern
  • Excellent grip and reliability when used with tracks and chains

Nokian Forest King F sizes:

710/40-22.5 PR 16
710/40-24.5 PR 20
600/55-26.5 PR 20
710/45-26.5 PR 16
710/45-26.5 PR 20
710/45-26.5 PR 24 New
750/55-26.5 PR 20
780/55-26.5 PR 20 New
800/40-26.5 PR 20

Further information:

Martti Päivinen, Product Development Manager
Nokian Heavy Tyres Ltd.
tel. +358 (0)10 401 7544

Teemu Vainionpää, Product Manager
Nokian Heavy Tyres Ltd.
tel. +358 (0)10 401 7175

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