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The new Nokian Forest King F tyre size
brings more durability and load-bearing
capacity for CTL machinery

The Nokian Forest King F in the size 780/55-26.5 is designed for cut-to-length forestry machines. It will add much-desired durability and load-bearing capacity for heavy harvesters and forwarders. This new tyre, with excellent wear resistance and grip properties, will replace the still widely used Nokian Forest King F 750/55-26.5 tyre size.

The stable Nokian Forest King F with high load-bearing capacity is the safe choice when working in areas that require the use of tracks. In comparison to its predecessor, the new product is significantly more wear-resistant. The tyre has a broader tread that is reinforced at the shoulder, which extends its service life in a variety of harvesting tasks.

Straighter sidewalls efficiently prevent damage and protect the rim in difficult terrain. Due to the wider tread, the tyre’s contact area is also larger lowering contact pressure to soil.

Trustworthy partner in track use

The increasing demands for efficiency in professional harvesting show up in the increased load-bearing capacity of tyres; the new Nokian Forest King F size can carry up to 9,500 kg in forest use. The tread pattern groove profile, which deepens on the shoulder, and the straight tyre sidewall work together to add to the tyre’s durability. The wide contact area makes the tyre, which is designed for forest use, gentle on the environment.

The track-use properties of the sturdy special tyre have been developed to a new level. The tread radius was increased, which increase tyre grip inside tracks. The design of the tyre supports the position of the tracks and chains, ensuring a good fit. The tracks stay on excellently and also work very well in wet circumstances, where grip is poor. The sides of the tyres have special scuffing ribs that reduce sidewall wear caused by the tracks.

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