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The new Nokian Forest Rider tyre sizes

soften the driving response of heavy tractors

The size range of the Nokian Forest Rider specialty tyre, designed for heavy forest-use tractors, is expanding. The characteristics of traditional tractor tyres have not satisfied the needs of demanding contractors who are searching for efficiency.

The new sizes of the Nokian Forest Rider radial tyre are suitable for massive tractors and forestry machines that are used for harvesting energywood and constructing and maintaining forest roads. The product also works very well on heavy tractors used on contracting sites. No such products have been available until now.

In the design of the radial Nokian Forest Rider tyres, Nokian Heavy Tyres has efficiently utilised the top qualities of tyres tailored for CTL (cut-to-length) forestry machines. Thanks to the radial structure and optimised bar angle, the Nokian Forest Rider has excellent traction and grip properties. Enhanced wear resistance is provided by the radial structure and sturdy tread pattern. Drivers value the driving response of the special tyre that not only is smoother and more comfortable than that of the traditional tyres, but also has superior load-bearing capacity. This improves work ergonomics and contracting.

The Nokian Forest Rider tyre sizes, out during the autumn of 2009 (600/60R28 and 650/65R38), are meant for medium-sized tractors that have a power need of max. 200 horsepower. The new Nokian Forest Rider tyres, already on the market, are suitable for big tractors with power higher than 200 horsepower.

The unique, patented sidewall protection ensures that the sturdy sidewalls of the tyres can withstand the challenges of demanding usage conditions. The steel belted (SB) Nokian Forest Rider has no problems with sharp stubs, stones and sticks.

The tyre cleans itself easily and cools down quickly. A strong tyre with stable driving properties, the Nokian Forest Rider functions very well in transition driving. The tyre enables the maximum speed for tractors registered for traffic application, which is max. 50 km/h. The sturdy radial tyres roll easily, which reduces fuel consumption.

Nokian Forest Rider size range for heavy tractors:

600/70R30 Front tyre
600/65R34 Front tyre
650/85R38 Rear tyre
600/60R28 Front tyre (autumn 2009)
650/65R38 Rear tyre (autumn 2009)

Further information:

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Martti Päivinen, Product Development Manager, Nokian Heavy Tyres Ltd
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