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The new Nokian Loader Grip 2 – maximum grip for wheel loaders

The new Nokian Loader Grip 2 indulges machine contractors with its relentless grip. Tailored for wheel loaders, the block-patterned special tyre has angular blocks, square-shaped at the shoulder, that hold their grip when loading the vehicle on soft gravel or in transition driving on icy, slippery roads and provide an excellent traction and lateral grip.

The first member of the new product family (15.5R25) is designed for lighter wheel loaders with a working weight of approximately 10 tons. Thanks to its wide contact area and sturdy frame structure, the Nokian Loader Grip 2 carries heavy loads easily and offers a stable and precise steering response. The product is an excellent choice for diverse municipal contracting, as well as for road maintenance all year round, thanks to the relentless grip provided by the open lateral and longitudinal grooves that easily remove excess soil and dirt.

It was a challenging task for Nokian Heavy Tyres’ product development to combine maximal winter grip with the excellent wear resistance required by contractors. After comprehensive testing, a special rubber compound based on natural rubber was chosen. The impressive hourly output was completed with a sturdy frame structure and steel belts under the tread.

The virtuoso-class durability is further enhanced with the abrasion protection that efficiently prevents cuts and abrasions of the sidewall. The pattern block DSI indicators enable keeping track of the excellent wear resistance of this versatile contracting tyre. When the numbers on the blocks have gradually faded, there is still 25% of the tread left.

The rolling direction of the new Nokian Loader Grip 2 special tyre is not determinate. Only purified, low-aromatic oils are used in the manufacturing process. The new product will become available for sale in November 2009, and the size range will be expanded in 2010.

Nokian Loader Grip 2 (15.5R25)

  • Absolute grip and durability for wheel loaders
  • Strong, sturdy structure – stability even on demanding sites
  • Abrasion protection for efficient prevention of sidewall cuts and abrasions.

Load-bearing capacity

  • 3,550 kg/350 kPa/50 km/h (earthmoving)
  • 5 800 kg/450 kPa/10 km/h (loading)

Further information:

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