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PRESS RELEASE 27.10. 2000


The new Nokian Tyres' summer tyre combines safety and performance in a unique way. The Nokian NRZi is designed to meet the demands of high-performance cars. Its driving safety r indicator and info pin provide the driver with information on the condition and temperature of the tyre and thus promote the driving safety of the Nokian NRZi tyre.

The Nokian NRZi is a versatile and balanced tyre that gives a comfortable ride even on worn road surfaces, at low speeds and in city traffic. The Nokian NRZi performs particularly well at motorway speeds, but its driving properties remain unchanged on wet and cold roads as well. The Termo Silica tread rubber compound makes it grip even when the road surface is near freezing.

The Nokian NRZi tread pattern is asymmetric and directional. In other words, the direction of rotation is specified. Its exceptional tread design gives excellent driving properties both on straight road and when cornering. The narrower outer section of the tread is firm and gripping, which improves its handling properties. The broad grooves on the wider inner section and the double groove between the two sections effectively expel water in the driving direction.

Info pin and driving safety indicator for improved safety
High-performance tyres need to be particularly reliable and safe. In addition to passive safety features, the W-rated (270 km/h or 168 mph) Nokian NRZi tyre includes active safety innovations.

The side of the Nokian NRZi includes an info pin, which displays the tyre's temperature. The green button turns darker as the tyre temperature decreases. In the spring and autumn, the colour change is a reminder of the risks of freezing roads and black ice. The info pin also comes in handy during storage and when changing tyres, as the driver can set the arrow on the button to mark the mounting position of the tyres.

The centre of the tread includes the Driving Safety Indicator that displays the tread depth in numbers, which makes it easy to check the condition and safety of the tyres.
The tyre will be launched in the spring of 2001.

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