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The size range of Nokian Country King expanded: Efficiency and durability for versatile trailer use

Two new sizes were added to the Nokian Country King agricultural tyre offering.

The new sizes of 600/50 R22.5 and 650/65 R26.5 are suitable for versatile trailer use by farmers and agricultural contractors requiring high efficiency and economical use. The usage targets of these low-profile, round-shoulder flotation tyres may vary from earthmoving, forage and beet carts to slurry tanks.

Nokian Country King’s reinforced steel belt structure endures and carries the load both on rocky fields and on soft soil. When the amount of load increases, the tyre’s contact area expands, which improves its traction. Thanks to the sturdy structure, the trailer will not sway or move during loading.

The block-tread patterned tyre offers high quality driving comfort outside fields as well. Nokian Country King is a silent tyre that rolls steadily and smoothly on road. The speed category of the tyre is D (65 km/h). Low rolling resistance reduces the consumption of fuel, which makes the tyre an economical and environment-friendly choice.

The tread pattern flares at the shoulder which ensures that the tyre cleans effortlessly and the machines do not carry soil onto roads. The DSI safety indicator facilitates monitoring durability. Nokian Country King is manufactured without high-aromatic oils.

Nokian Country King tyre sizes:

560/45 R22.5

620/60 R26.5

600/50 R22.5 (new size)

650/65 R26.5 (new size)

650/50 R22.5

710/50 R26.5

560/60 R22.5

580/65 R22.5  

Further information:

Jukka Hautala, Marketing Manager, Nokian Heavy Tyres
tel. +358 10 401 7570

Martti Päivinen, Product Development Manager, Nokian Heavy Tyres
tel. +358 10 401 7544