Tue August 21 08:25 am 2007 in category Company news

The size range of Nokian Forest Rider expands

The size range of Nokian Heavy Tyres’ top product, the Nokian Forest Rider forestry tyre, will expand in September.

The size range of Nokian Heavy Tyres’ top product, the Nokian Forest Rider forestry tyre, will expand in September. The new tyre size, 600/55 R 26.5, is particularly well suited for medium-sized CTL (Cut to Length) forestry machines. Introduced in autumn 2006, Nokian Forest Rider has won over users in the past year with its unique durability and first-rate traction capacity. At home in demanding forest conditions, the tyre has previously been available in the size 710/45 R26.5.

Nokian Forest Rider also suitable for use with tracks

The radial-structured Nokian Forest Rider is designed especially for non-track use, but the easily rolling tyre can also be used with tracks. The sturdy sidewall structure offers a firm grip that ensures strong traction in rough terrain. Forest Rider has received a great deal of positive feedback from forest machine entrepreneurs. The tyre cleans itself efficiently and does not damage the soil, even under difficult conditions.

Patented side puncture protection key to Nokian Forest Rider’s durability

The radial structure of the Nokian Forest Rider features patented side puncture protection. It makes the product durable and safe in demanding conditions, providing all of the benefits of radial tyres.

Nokian Forest Rider has better traction and moving properties and lower rolling resistance than bias tyres. Thanks to its low rolling resistance the tyre also saves fuel.

The excellent stability of the tyre keeps the machine firmly on the ground during loading. Work can be performed efficiently and safely.

Profound product development ensures driving comfort and less vibration

The lug design and wide contact area ensure that the Nokian Forest Rider moves efficiently off the road but also works well on hard surfaces, such as highways. Profound product development and thorough testing benefit drivers in the form of less vibration, ensuring comfortable driving response.

Similar to all Nokian Heavy Tyres products, the Nokian Forest Rider is manufactured without harmful high-aromatic oils. Only purified, low-aromatic oils are used in the rubber compounds.