Thu June 21 04:40 am 2012 in category Company news

The wider, straighter Forest King is coming soon

Next autumn, Nokian Heavy Tyres will introduce the new 35.5L-32 Nokian Forest King TRS LS-2 tyre to complement the tyre selection for skidder equipment.

– So far, we have been lacking a tyre of the size 35.5L-32. It is a common size, however, and they are especially sold to North and South America,
says Sales Manager Jarkko Heinämäki from Nokian Heavy Tyres.
The new tyre is five inches wider than before, and when the diameter is 2,010 millimetres, the total weight amounts to nearly 600 kilogrammes. The load-bearing capacity is high, meaning that the tyre meets today’s standards.
Wider shoulders
Size is not the only new feature of the latest Forest King. The tread model has been developed for even higher traction.
- The tread is now straighter than before, creating traction across the entire surface, Project Manager Teemu Vainionpää from Nokian Heavy Tyres Product Development illustrates.
– At the same time, the tyre shoulders have been strengthened. We have also paid more attention to rim protection. New design prevents wood from penetrating between tyre bead and rims flange. We have also improved chain use by structural means, as the use of chains is very
common in tyres of this type.
According to Vainionpää, the product development of cut to length harvester tyres is also proceeding continuously, and new products are to be expected in the near future.