Water and wastewater

Our tire manufacturing processes use large quantities of cooling water.

In Nokia, we take cooling water from the nearby Nokianvirta river and discharge it back into the river after use. The Russian factory uses municipal tap water for cooling and then conveys it to a wastewater treatment plant.

The cooling water has no contact with production chemicals at any stage and, therefore, does not become contaminated. In Nokia and Vsevolozhsk, we take annual samples from the cooling water and from the wastewater conveyed to the municipal treatment plant in order to verify the water quality.

The wastewater conveyed into the municipal sewage system and the cooling waters have been practically clean. We aim to reduce the consumption of municipal water by 25% by 2020 compared to the 2013 baseline. In 2019, our consumption of municipal water (m3/ton of products) was approximately 38% lower than in 2013.

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