Check tyre wear

You can easily test the condition of your tyres by using tools that are found in your home. The match and coin tests are especially suitable for evaluating the condition of non-studded tyres.

All of Nokian Tyres' latest products are equipped with Driving Safety Indicators. The driver can use the indicators to check the condition and safety of the tyres. The indicator is located on the centre surface of the tyre, and it indicates the depth of the tyre's main groove in millimetres; in other words, it shows how much tread remains.

Testing with a match

You can measure safety by using a regular five-centimetre match, which has a 3–4-millimetre sulphur tip. The tip should disappear from sight when the match is placed into the groove. Test at several points around the tyre. If the sulphur remains visible, the tread is not safe for winter driving. We recommend a minimum groove depth of 4 millimetres. The law requires 3 millimetres of tread for winter tyres, and 1.6 mm for summer tyres.

Test with a two-euro coin

A two-euro coin is an even better benchmark for tyre condition. The silver ring at the edge of the coin is less than four millimetres wide. If it rises even slightly above the tread block when the coin is placed in the groove, you should consider replacing your tyres.

Examine your studded tyres

If the studs are still attached, but they wobble from side to side, the grip of the tyre has been substantially reduced. A stud that bends will not penetrate the ice, and it has weak grip on slush and snow. If a lot of studs have come loose – and the number of studs differs between the tyres – then the grip of the tyres can be dangerously weak. According to the stud legislation, the maximum allowed variation in the number of studs between the tyres is 25%. Even though it is convenient to assess the safety of your tyres, the results will always be slightly imprecise and unreliable – especially since drivers tend to overestimate the condition of their tyres. This is why Nokian Tyres has developed the Driving Safety Indicator for its new tyres. The indicator accurately shows the amount of remaining tread and safe kilometres.