275/40R21 Summer tires

Tough driving conditions won’t surprise even in summer when you rely on safe and durable Nokian Tyres summer range and their premium performance under extreme conditions.

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Powerproof SUV

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Nokian Powerproof SUV is a premium UHP tire designed for powerful SUV’s.

The new Nokian Tyres Powerproof SUV is a premium UHP tire designed for powerful SUV’s. Designed for safe and carefree driving, the new Nokian Tyres Powerproof SUV offers peace of mind for both high-speed lane changes and sudden braking.

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What does 275/40 R 21 mean?

Marking Explanation
275 is the width of the tire in millimeter. The width of a tire plays a significant role in terms of stability, handling, and overall performance.
40 The aspect ratio (height to width ratio) is the tire’s height compared to its width in percentage. It affects the ride comfort, and overall handling
R R refers to the tire’s structure and means that the tire has a radial construction, making the tire stable and precise. Almost all passenger car tires on the market are radial tires.
21 is the rim diameter in inches. By following the car manufacturer's recommendations for rim size, you can ensure that the tires and rims work together harmoniously with proper brake clearance and optimal tire performance.

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