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On the following pages, you can find more information about the history and present of Nokian Tyres and Hakkapeliitta.

The topics are divided by theme:

Hakkapeliitta spirit

The history of Nokian Tyres is also the history of the Finnish rubber industry. The long-term strategy has guided the company and its workers from galosh makers to international winter tyre experts. Along the way, plenty of innovation, courage, and team spirit were all required.
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From Nokia, for the world

The international journey of the winter tyre started soon after the first Hakkapeliittas were made. At first, international sales were experimental, but contact was made to several European countries.
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Hakkapeliittas on the rally courses

Speed, extreme situations, and demanding conditions are the challenges traditional rally racing has offered tyre manufacturers from the beginning of the last century.
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The triumphant decades of Hakkapeliitta

The story of the Hakkapeliitta tyre begins with the Kelirengas. The story contains challenges and innovation, as well as passion and technology. The multiple test winner Nokian Hakkapeliitta 8 continues the legendary tyre series, taking the best Hakkapeliitta traditions into a new era.
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Joys and challenges of winter motoring

The conditions in winter traffic have changed a lot. Snowy roads have been replaced by ice and slush, and the number of cars has increased.
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Relentless R&D

In product development, research and testing have played a key role throughout the history of Nokian Tyres. Expertise, relentless work, and persistence combined with a search for entirely new solutions have been defining features, both in the laboratories and on the test tracks.
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Studs grip the road

Studs are the superior safety accessories for increasing grip in icy weather. They are a Finnish innovation that has evolved along with the development of the roads and cars.
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