Stock options

Following the expiration of the 2013 stock options, Nokian Tyres has no stock option program in place. More information on the previous option program can be found below.

Stock options 2013 

On 11 April 2013 the Annual General Meeting decided to issue a maximum total of 3,450,000 stock options to the personnel of Nokian Tyres Group. The stock options issued can be exchanged for shares constituting a maximum total of 2.6 % of the company’s shares and votes of the shares, after the potential share subscription.

The share subscription period:

  • for stock option 2013A: 1 May 2015 -31 May 2017
  • for stock option 2013B: 1 May 2016 -31 May 2018
  • for stock option 2013C: 1 May 2017- 31 May 2019 

The shares subscribed for under Nokian Tyres stock options during 2019:

Subscription/ payment date Estimated registration date Estimated listing date
22.1.2019 19.2.2019 20.2.2019
23.4.2019 22.5.2019 23.5.2019
31.5.2019 20.8.2019 21.8.2019

Terms and conditions of Nokian Tyres plc 2013 stock options (pdf)