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One season more: Nokian Tyres Seasonproof 1 offers improved mileage and premium safety all-year round

Nokian Tyres plc Press Release October 17, 2023 at 11 a.m. EEST

Nokian Tyres is upgrading its Central European all-season tire, Nokian Tyres Seasonproof. Nokian Tyres Seasonproof 1 comes with improved wear resistance and mileage, and offers a comprehensive product range for passenger cars, crossovers, and sport utility vehicles. Nokian Tyres’ all-season products are designed for drivers who need reliability and first-class safety for snowy and slushy winter days but who also appreciate excellent performance and effortless driving feel in the summer.

The new Nokian Tyres Seasonproof 1 is developed to meet the needs of Central European drivers and designed to be flexible and adaptable in year-round conditions. For several years, the all-season tire segment has grown most in Central Europe. In general, the market has almost doubled during the last five years.

- There are differences between countries, but for example France, one of the biggest all-season markets, has tripled its size. Dealers and consumers alike realize that products like Nokian Tyres Seasonproof 1 are an ideal option for Central European drivers who may experience unpredictable winter weather and need a year-round option. The versatile safety properties and four-season convenience are key reasons behind an increasing number of European vehicles being fitted with all-season tires, says Tommi Alhola, Vice President of Passenger Car Tyres, Central Europe for Nokian Tyres.

The tread design is tailored for optimal year-round use and multiple innovative technical solutions ensure maximum safety, improved durability, and low rolling resistance. To offer even more kilometers, Nokian Tyres Seasonproof 1 comes with major improvements in wear resistance.

- Improved mileage means a longer service life for the tire. Based on our internal tests, the wear resistance is up to 30 percent better compared to Nokian Tyres Seasonproof, the all-season tire that was launched two years ago. By bringing this upgrade to the market, we are able to serve Central European drives even better, Nokian Tyres Development Manager Jarno Röytiö explains.

The upgraded Nokian Tyres Seasonproof 1 offers safety and year-round convenience for Central European drivers. All the sizes come with the Snowflake symbol (3PMSF), which indicates that the tire has been officially approved for winter use. The product range offers sizes for modern passenger cars, SUVs and CUV’s with a selection of 63 products from 15 to 19 inches, with speed ratings of T (190 km/h), H (210 km/h) V (240 km/h) W (270 km/h) and Y (300 km/h). Nokian Tyres Seasonproof 1 will be available for consumers by the end of the year.

Convenience meets safety

Nokian Tyres Seasonproof 1 offers a practical solution for drivers who want to say goodbye to the seasonal tire changes but still want a safe option for snowy, slushy, and rainy roads. Nokian Tyres' expertise in safety and varying driving conditions is evident in the Season Sense concept, that is developed for versatile all-season use. It ensures safe driving in rain and slush and precise handling on dry roads on hot summer days. The Season Sense concept combines multiple innovative technical features in the tire's siping, tread design and rubber compound. Nokian Tyres Seasonproof 1 excels in varying conditions; it works magnificently along a wide range of temperatures and can withstand intense wear even in intense summer heat. The impressive winter properties offer safety from the milder winter days to the ones below zero.

The wear resistance of the new Seasonproof 1 has seen a major upgrade. Compared to Nokian Tyres Seasonproof, Seasonproof 1 offers up to 30% better mileage. This is a significant leap forward in the service life of the tire and may correspond to an additional driving season depending on the driving style.

Continuous innovation guarantees a seamless fit for EVs

Nokian Tyres has designed and tested tires with electric cars in mind for more than 10 years. With the expanding EV market, tire design is also affected by the electrification of driving.  As proof of compatibility for EVs, Nokian Tyres offers a new ELECTRIC FIT™ symbol for its Nokian Tyres® branded premium tires. The seamless ELECTRIC FIT™ compatibility means drivers can rely on the safe, lasting performance of the tires regardless of the driving conditions or vehicle.

Nokian Tyres Seasonproof 1 - Peace of mind beyond four seasons

  • First-class safety all-year round, especially on snow and rain
  • Excellent mileage and low rolling resistance
  • Premium wet performance and aquaplaning prevention

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