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Summer tyre test

Nokian Line rated "good" in the 2016 ADAC summer tyre test

"Strengths: + very balanced, + especially good on dry roads, + good on wet roads, + quite low fuel consumption" according to the assessment of the German automobile club ADAC for the Nokian Line summer tyre for small and compact cars sized 185/65 R15 H. Nokian Line is "Highly recommended" by the automobile clubs TCS from Switzerland and ÖAMTC from Austria.

Summer tyre Nokian Line

Nokian zLine is recommended by ADAC highlighting its “quite low fuel consumption” in the automobile club’s 2016 summer tyre test for mid-range cars with tyre size 225/45 R 17 Y. The Nokian zLine is rated "good" in the "dry road", "fuel consumption" and "wear" test criteria. The assessment of TCS and ÖAMTC is "Recommended".

The sporty Nokian zLine is "highly recommended"

"Highly recommended" is the test result of the sporty Nokian zLine in the 2016 summer tyre test by German car magazine Auto Zeitung and GTÜtechnical inspection organisation. Nokian zLine drives safely and predictably on wet roads. “The low rolling resistance is one of the Nokian zLine's strengths". 

Nokian Weatherproof All-Weather tyre scores "good +"

The Nokian Weatherproof All-Weather tyre scores "good +" overall results, obtaining the "GUTE FAHRT-recommendation" and ranks on the 2nd place in the 2016 all-season tyre test of the German car magazine GUTE FAHRT. "Very good -" in winter category with the best traction and best braking in snow. The Nokian Weatherproof shows good and balanced performance on dry roads and the brakes work well on wet road surfaces. The aquaplaning test result is "very good". Its rolling resistance is "very good" as well.

ADAC, TCS and ÖAMTC tested 32 summer tyres of the sizes 185/65 R15 H and 225/45 R 17 Y by strict criteria and requirements. 14 summer tyres of size 225/45 R 17 competed in the test done by Auto Zeitung. GUTE FAHRT compared 9 tyres of size 205/55 R 16.

Photo downloads Nokian Line summer tyres

Photo downloads Nokian zLine summer tyres

Photo Downloads Nokian Weatherproof All-season tyre


Nokian summer tyres Testing at the extremes

Nokian Line - Test winning summer tyre for Central Europe

The new Nokian zLine - sporty, cool performance for Central European summer

New Nokian Weatherproof, all-weather tyres for Central Europe

Further information

Nokian Tyres introduces three brand new summer tyres

New Nokian Line – Top performance for wet roads

The new Nokian zLine – sporty, cool performance for fast driving

Nokian Weatherproof All-Weather tyres – safe year-round driving comfort

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