Diversity policy for the Board of Directors

Election of the Board of Directors AND BOARD COMPOSITION

According to the Articles of Association of Nokian Tyres, the Board of Directors comprises no fewer than four and no more than nine members. The proposal regarding the composition and remuneration of the Board for the General Meeting is prepared by the Nomination Board. The number of Board members and the composition of the Board shall be such that the Board is capable of efficiently carrying out its tasks, while taking into account the requirements set by the Company's operations and its stage of development. The elected Board members must be qualified for the task and able to devote a sufficient amount of time for the Board duties. 

Members of the Board are elected at the Annual General Meeting for a one-year term of office that begins after the closing of the Annual General Meeting and ends at the end of the next Annual General Meeting. In 2024, the Annual General Meeting appointed the Chair and the Deputy Chair from among the Board members upon the proposal by Nomination Board. The remuneration payable to the Board members is also decided at the Annual General Meeting based on the proposal by the Nomination Board. 


The Company sees diversity as a success factor enabling the achievement of Nokian Tyres’ strategic goals and business growth. In practice, diversity means different factors such as gender, age, nationality, and the complementary expertise of the members, their education and experience in different professional areas and industrial sectors in which the Group mainly operates. Leadership experience and personal capacities are also considered.

The Board shall have no fewer than two representatives from both genders. If two candidates are equally qualified, the candidate from the minority gender has priority. This goal has been met in the current Board. The Board members have significant experience in industry, consumer business and financial management, among other things. The status and progress of diversity is monitored by the Shareholders’ Nomination Board.